Tuesday , June 15 2021

12 Christmas Traditions To Start In Your 20s When You Move Out

The holiday season is officially here. Your town or city is decked out in ribbons, wreaths, and fairy lights, and you're ready to grab a hot cocoa and explore. You're filled with hope for the new year, and you're also simultaneously preparing yourself for all the delicious Christmas cookies and treats that are to come. You've always had some special things you did with your family during the Christmas season, but now that you're moved out of the house, it's about time you create some Christmas memories of your own. Here are some Christmas traditions to start in your 20s when you move out.

A large part of adulting and embracing living on your own is by starting new traditions with your friends and your SO. Whether that means that you and your friends have a feathered Christmas sweater potluck before you head home for the holidays, or you enjoy a Christmas playlist as you repeat while you sip wine and clean your house, you should have your own way of getting into the festive spirit

The beauty of starting your own traditions is that home will always be there whenever you want to return to your roots. Consider adding these things to your list of annual traditions, and have a holly jolly Christmas.

1Host An Ugly Christmas Sweater Hang With Your Friends


Ugly Christmas sweater parties are something to look forward to every year, so why not kick this season off by hosting one of your own? You and your friends can take turns hosting it every year, and you'll get dressed up in some seriously awesome sweaters. Lots of laughs and Instagrammable moments will surely be had.

2Spend A Day Holiday Shopping With Your Mom


Let's face it: Your mom is the ultimate shopping buddy and definitely It knows best when it comes to getting cool presents for your fam. Plus, after you move out, you'll miss watching Mom on the regular, and will cherish this bonding time with her.

3Set Up Your Tree And Decorate Your Place With Your SO


Even if you and your SO are not living together yet, it'll be fun to have this tradition for if (or when) you do. Fix yourselves some spiked eggnog, get that holiday playlist ready to sleigh, and start decking the halls!

4Have A Cozy Night In Drinking Wine And Listening To Holiday Tunes


Sometimes, the best holiday celebrations are the ones you have on your own. For me, there are few things I enjoy more than turning on a Christmas playlist, pouring myself a glass of wine, and doing something around the house. That could be cleaning, crafting, masking face, or even just scrolling through Instagram. It's the perfect way for me to get into the holiday mood and enjoy a little alone time.

5Host A Gift Wrapping Party


If you and your friends are riding the fight bus trying to wrap all your presents, why not ride it together? You can put some slice-and-bake snowman cookies in the oven for snack, and share your gift wrapping tips with each other.

6Get Matching Holiday Outfits For You And Your Pet


Yes, I know how cheesy this might sound, but trust me when I say that you will have the most adorable Christmas cards on your friends' and family's mantles. (Because what's more adult than moving out and sending your own Christmas card with your furry friend?)

7Have A Gingerbread House Making Day With Your Extended Family


You may not have Christmas traditions with your extended family yet, but now that you have your own place, this is the perfect time to start. Have your nieces and nephews over for a gingerbread house building day (because you're the cool aunt), or bake cookies with your cousins. They'll enjoy the quality time, and you'll get to see them a little more than you usually do around the holidays.

8Kick Back And Stream A Holiday Movie Marathon


In my humble opinion, some of the best movies of all time are holiday movies, and the holiday season would not be complete without some kind of movie marathon. Elf, Home Alone, White Christmas, and Love Actually are, of course, musts. And if you're looking for a new holiday flick to add in there, hit Netflix or the Hallmark Channel.

9Become A Pro At One Christmas Dish You Can Make For Every Potluck


The holiday season is the time for potluck dinners and parties, and of course, you can not show up empty-handed. One of my favorite things to do in recent years has been to learn a new recipe around Christmastime every year, and make that same dish for every holiday party I go to. (I've gotten really good at making flan.)

10Plan An Annual Winter #Baecation


The holiday season can get hectic real quick, so you and your partner should carve out some time to yourselves. My boyfriend and I plan one week a year for the two of us to unplug and decompress. We do not even go anywhere fancy or expensive. Oftentimes, it's just a well-executed staycation.

11See A Live Holiday Show


Whether you head to New York City to watch Radio City Christmas Spectacular, or you watch your little brother perform in his school's production of A Christmas Carol, seeing a holiday show can seriously get you in the spirit of things. You can go by yourself or with friends, but either way, you'll have a great time.

12Attend A Christmas Tree Lighting


There's something so special about watching a Christmas tree light up for the very first time. Make an effort to go to your town or to a nearby city's tree lighting to get in the ultimate Christmas #mood.

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