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3 rugby in world rugby

Paris – The Six nations She is greeted by France on Friday. Analyze current issues in the three rugby world.

Tackles, concussion

In eight months of four French rugby runners, they have highlighted the disturbing trend of rugby. Greater, stronger players and defenses are becoming more and more involved in fighting and fighting.

Game authorities, World Rugby, have tried to restore security concerns to lower their heights.

The RFU of England could enter this rule into the Second Cup Championship in the attempt to reduce concussions.

Preventing early and straightforward behavior remains the collisions between the war and the ball carrier.

Concussion problem is constantly on the news.

The 20-year-old soldier from Samoa, Tagataulico, died last week after a mental illness, when Springbok retired Pat Lambie at the age of 28 when he retired after a time of "lasting conception of concern".

Something has to be changed, at least, to appeal to baseball players.

Global calendar

World Rugby leaders balance the needs of Southern North and Northern Hemisphere sports, as they are concerned about sports welfare concerns.

In July and November, it is not a question of international box office fixtures, for example, in the European Rugby Championship of the Six Nations or the South Hemisphere.

The 12-year annual team competition is based on the UEFA U-League football leagues.

It is potentially advantageous for the southern hemisphere, called the "League of Nations," because the rugby economies were struggling.

But the worries are that the annual "Nation League" champions canceled the Fourth World Cup declaration, which will be the latest edition in Japan this year.

The leaders of six nations, probably, would be worried about becoming their stand-alone tournament nutrition event. However, plans that require countries to reconcile their broadcasting rights could face individual resistance to trade unions.

Bill Beaumont is world champion world champion, who is trying to drive a difficult course through competitors' interests.

Enigmatic Jones

Reasonably saying Eddie Jones claims to be the most spectacular bubble as a coach in England.

He won 22 victories when he scored 23 goals, winning English Grand Slam and winning 3-0. Jones was the only one who could scare when he lost three of the six games of the Six Nations in the last six seasons.

He was a successor to the South African victory to decorate the Australian pugnai.

A team of the most registered players and a co-financed international team of nations will play their eyes on Jones to produce goods like the Japanese Rugby World Cup.

Jones had the Cup: when Wallabies was coach, when Jonny Wilkinson's fall was over, he was stolen in England in 2003; He participated in the South African set in 2007; In 2015, he won three unprecedented swimming pools, including Springboks' first victory.

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