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& # 39; Cocktail & # 39; The approach offers a great deal of hope for the new male contraceptive

Research is early, but scientists say, bartenders are using tricks to confuse a new and reversible male contraceptive.

In the rheumatology experiment, the methods maintain active sexes of female invaders over two months.

"The two most commonly used contraceptives are condom and vasectomy," said Xiaolei Wang at Nanchang University. "Medium and lasting and reliable period [2 to 20 weeks] The contraceptive method of sustainable contraceptive and contraceptive is an urgent need ".

Their potential solution was inspired by cocktail-colored cocktails that had been completed by bartenders. In these mixtures, the liquid forms different layers in a layer. But when it is raised or heated, the layers become a uniform liquid.

Promising, but a long way

As a result, Wang's team developed human contraceptives, which injected the material layers into vas deferens – to block the sperm from the test tube to the water through the tube.

Blinds applied to the locked area block mixes and breaks the layers so that vas deferens scrolls.

Chinese groups have demonstrated this method in male sugars by injecting four layers of material. The injected layers were as follows: a hydrogel that produces a physical barrier to sperm; When gold nanoparticles are heated when infrared light radiates; Etilenodiaminotetraacetic (EDTA) also kills hydrogel and chemical sperm; and a layer of gold nanoparticles.

In that place, the liquid layer of vas deferens prevented male rats older than 2 months, according to Wang in Jan 30. ACS Nano.

But some researchers, in just a few minutes, made an infrared trace of rats, mixed layers and undoes, and male rats were able to invade women again. "The man offers an effective and reversible way of fulfilling the current medium-term strategy contraceptive strategy", the group said.

But "although our method is promising, there is still a long way to practice practice," said the Chinese team. "There is a need for more animal experiments to check material safety," they said, and the results obtained in animals are often not destroyed.

A US fertility expert decided that much more study is required.

"This study is a very pre-eminently injecting male contraceptive," said Dr. Mary Rausch at Northwell Health Fertility in Manhasset, New York. "This is a long way to prepare for the trial or, undoubtedly, to be ready for use in humans, if it were a breakthrough.

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