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"$ 5" Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition – Unhappy with Bethesda

Although the latest controversy to get out of Fallout 76 and Bethesda is unmatched by the quality of the software, it's part of the $ 200 Power Armor edition.

This quick reminder of the collector's collection lighting had a portable seamless power armor, as a great card element, the name comes from there. It also came with other items, including a helmet bag.

This bag with Power Armor Edition buyers is the problem with knowing that this problem is not in the manner announced by the canvas.

Subreddit / r / PCGaming's post not only indicated the bag made of nylon-woven material, instead of the canvas, a riotous interaction with a Bethesda Store member.

Difference between ad delivery and real product? "The bag was a prototype and it was very expensive."

This statement greatly affects the e-mail exchange being faked, but a subreddit has been verified by a moderator and, more importantly, the official word fell Bethesda.

Hereafter, the person who was on the other side of the message was linked to Bethesda, the assistant was a worker hired directly from "Bethesda or Bethesda Game Studios".

But more than that, Fallout 76 official Twitter accounts have been released as a "purse" bag (here's a poster screen that requires that the tweet be deleted).

Atoms Fallout 76 is a premium currency that can be bought with real money, costing $ 500 or $ 4.99 or £ 3.99.

For this reason, Bethesda is not returning five real dollars, but with good games it also offers people who are happy to know.

At 500 atoms, you get cosmetic items in a very small way. A quick look at Atomic Shop reveals that you paint your PipBoy for 500 Atoms and your plant of the C.A.M.P is ideal.

We can not help, but I think that this would not be a problem if Fallout 76 is a better game. Today's worst situation has been much lower than the commitment of this company and is not intended to pardon such events.

If you are reading this and have purchased Power Armor Edition, we suggest that you contact your consumer protection agency in the country and ask about what to do. Many get in touch with Bethesda to get a solution out of 500 Atoms, and then transfer a credit card charge under the protection of false advertising.

Speaking: While the official list of products at the Bethesda store is described as "Nylon Carrying Bag", third parties do not. Amazon and many others still have a "West Tek Canvas Carrying Bag". We expect these descriptions to change over the next few days.

Those who are interested in the game want our Fallout 76 Diary to give a read why they are not very happy right now.

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