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700 new jobs. . . The first fractures of the lithium mine


Farirai Machivenyika, Harare Bureau
The Lehendakari, Emmerson Mnangagwa, opened his Arcadia Lithium Mine Gorpek, yesterday, with a $ 165 million investment project.

Prospect Resources expects a project headquartered in Australia for more than 700 people, the first phase and other facilities like roads, schools and homes are expected.

President Mnangagwa has said the opening of the mining industry has coincided with the government's policies with the industrialized country.

"In my opinion, in my opinion, the industrialization and modernization of my Government's career is increasing," he said. "I recommend Prospect Resources Limited, thanks to this milestone achievement, which will help the development of our country.

"Zimbabwe is a rich natural resource and diversified mineral resources, one of which is lithium."

President Mnangagwa said lithium is one of the most important mining infrastructure, the development of the economy will be important.

Mine saw the achievement of Vision 2030 as critical as well as the medium-sized economy of the country.

"In this regard, we will continue to make comprehensive reforms to improve our country's competitiveness and improve other sectors in the context of regional and global trends," said Mnangagwa.

Minister of Mines and Mining and other agents ministered to facilitate the opening of the mining industry.

"In keeping with the constant ease of cost and reform of our business, I applaud the approval of the Ministries and Mining Ministries and other regulatory bodies to facilitate and complete the approvals approved by the regulatory authority for this project," he said.

"This enabled investors to consolidate their training work and mobilize project financing in the underworld".

President Mnangagwa started investing for a long time before commencing production.

"I hope that the start of this project will be part of my integrated project, which also includes mineral processing plants," he said.

"While the project is being carried out, wealth creation and employment and the improved level of life of our people are part of your business model.

"I have heard that more than 700 jobs will be created and will be especially local and that the Government will appreciate it."

President Mnangagwa said that other benefits of the project included the transfer of technology and skills and the development of new powers.

"Likewise, as we expand the range of mines exploited in our country, mining companies want to use the skills and technical knowledge of local skills and skills to empower local institutions with high-level education institutions to create valuable links and strategic partnerships." .

President Mnangagwa encouraged investors in that country to facilitate the growth and growth of its population.

Zimbabwe has one of the largest lithium reserves in Africa, confirmed by Goromonzi and Kamativi deposits.

Arcadia Minas produces 2.5 million tonnes of lithium every year when production is achieved.

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