Saturday , February 4 2023

About South African smoking and cigar laws


Tobacco company, Phillip Morris, warns that the introduction of new regulations for South African smokers may be damaging even in the case of e-cigarettes in the parliament.

BusinessDay the company finally wants to replace all of its cigarettes instead of smoking new smoke-free products, e-cigarettes and new iQOS devices instead of tobacco instead.

However, Tobacco Product Control and the Electronic Delivery Control System will prevent the communication and marketing of all tobacco products.

This will make it possible for Phillip Morris to stop smoking for South African cigarette smokers to offer healthy alternatives, said Marcelo Nico, Philip Morris's South African MD.

"What do we have to do with the government? And in the shipping bills we made, to separate the anti-smoking combustion combustion products IQOS should not be treated, they should be treated differently," he said.

Smoking laws of news

Tobacco product control law law prohibits smoking in cigar packs and electronic cigarettes for smoking in all public spaces.

Proposals for 2015 have led to a significant public interest in proposing some new law-abiding smoking laws, including:

  • Refreshment policy in the local smoking areas (including the removal of designated areas for smoking restaurants);
  • Forbid external smoking in public places;
  • When smoking outside, the smoker needs at least 10 meters from public admission;
  • Removing all signposts in cigarette packs, excluding markers and warning stickers;
  • Cigarettes will no longer be publicly displayed by dealers.

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