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AfriForum takes Ford. | City Press


Reshall invaded Jimmy's death, trying to kill her on Ford Kuga, on holiday in Western Wilderness in 2015, and finally, Gerrie Nel will be representing Jimmy's family.

AfriForum announced on Wednesday at the Centurion offices where Nel is the private accusation of private civil rights.

The family has received responses from the motor, trapped on the country's roads over the 80s.

Last January, Ford South Africa announced that the Kuga model had a massive security of 1.6-liter engine in December 2012 and February 2014. Ford's 4556 vehicles recalled security.

After Reshall's death, the South African Motor Industry Ombudsman and the National Consumer Committee began his approach to Jimmy's close friend, after Ford SA's remembrance of the Kuga model in its weeks.

The last time Ford heard it was in 2017, which was contacted by the next company's executive, Jeff Nemeth, after returning to the United States.

"When Jeff Nemeth left the country, Ford decided to speak to Jimmy's family again, not at all," said Nel.

"When we took part in the first discussion about Jimmy family," Nelek said in the media.

Reshall's sister, Renisha, told her that her family was trying to get justice in the battle against the giant motorcycle.

"I hope it's over, so our family really grieve. We have not had such an opportunity. It's just a struggle for some day to get some justice," he said.

Nel has been accused of "corporate cruelty" and family harassment, the family offered a new vehicle for R1 millolion value, and trusted in Reshall's name. family

In the briefing, Nel expressed disappointment when Ford faced Jimmy's death.

"We are thinking of Ford Motor Company as an international corporation bully.

"In one of these words, Ford told us" deep wallets ", what we want to do to create an impression that you can do, they will defend the deep pockets," he said.

The survey begins next month in February.

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