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Bacterial Exchanges & # 39; Nemo & # 39; Fish can live together with anonymous friends – ScienceDaily

Nemo, adorable clownfish movie Finding NemoIt rubs it all over the living anemone, so it does not let the fish eat like fish. This impairs the microbial component that clings to the clownfish, according to a new study.

When they are anonymous with bacterial coots, the clownfish cooperatively contribute to the anemic venomous temptations, a curious symbiosis, which today's scientists, along with the Georgia Institute of Technology, have figured out for decades. Marine researchers investigated microbes with clowns, and confused and confused anonymous people when dying.

"It's an iconic mutualism between a host and a partner, and he knew that microbes are in every surface of each animal," said Frank Stewart, associate professor of the School of Biological Sciences in Georgia, Teche. "In this particular mutualism, these surfaces cover the things that microbes love: mucus".

Swabbing mucus

Clowns and anemones rub lots of mucus. In this way, the researchers gathered clownfish and anemones and analyzed the microbes and when they did not cover the fish in the mucus.

"Their microbiology has changed," said Zoe Pratte, the first researcher and researcher at the Stewart laboratory. "We continued two bacteria, in particular, multiplying with anemonies".

"In that sense, there were major changes," said Stewart, chief researcher at the study. "If you were in charge of collecting microbes, it was very different from the anonymous and the other one."

The researchers seized six clownfish in six fish vessels for eight weeks to identify microbes with mucus and gene sequences. Magazine results published Coral reefs. The research was financed by the Simons Foundation.

Questions and answers

Here are some questions and answers about amusing anecdote and experiment, anonymous and fascinating facts about clownfish. For example: The fish weighing anonymous strengthens the latter. Clownfish change genres. And it was particularly difficult to catch a fish called "Houdini" researchers.

Does this solve this mysterious synergy?

No, but it's a new view of Clownfish-anemone condemnation.

"The first step in questioning is:" Is there a change in some microbiological change? "Stewart said. The test was answered in the clownfish," yes. "

The hypothesis of the constitution earlier, clownfish was too thick for mukosia. Current ideas believe that the exchange of mutations with antioxidant antigens, such as its own immune protein or the chemical exchange of fish and fish killer messages.

"It may recognize some anemone chemicals that retain clownfish stinging," Stewart said. "And to involve microbes. Microbes are excellent chemists."

Looking forward, researchers want to study the chemistry of the mukos. They are still unaware of the extent to which fish microbes cause changes to bacteria from fish anemia. Fish microbial mucus is possible to develop in a different way similar to the fish from the contact.

What do anemones usually do to make fish?

Kill them and eat them.

"Anemone has been evolving to kill fish. The small vibration of the poison enters the skin of a fish and kills it into its mouth," Stewart said. "Clownfish continues to live straight".

By the way, tentacles are not harmful.

"If you touch an anemone, it feels that it is sucking with your finger," said Pratt. "I feel that their little claws stick to you, it does not hurt."

What happens with anemones and clownfish?

For beginners, they protect each other from potential prey. But there is a lot. Some pailarfish vary in anonymous sex.

"When they begin to take a break, the fishes make a great deal of development," Stewart said. "The first fish, a group that establishes in an anemone in savage transient males and females, is much larger and becomes a member of the group."

She is the only woman in a school that is the smallest woman in men.

Anemones are bigger and healthier, especially because clownfish causes urination.

"When fish is weighed, the algae anemia receives nitrogen, and then the sugar that feeds the anemone grows," said Pratt. "Sometimes, the fish go down the food and fall into the food ring."

Any other amusing anecdote of this experiment?

Varied: it was scientifically easy, but it was hardly carried out, partly because the researchers looked after the fish at the same time.

"You have to unite fish and anonymous, and fish can be taken elsewhere, such as nooks on the rock," said Pratt.

"Clownfish is lighter than fish, so it's harder to catch it, especially if we want to reduce the stress of animals," said Alicia Caughman, a senior research scientist at the Biological Sciences Research. "We named Houdini a fish." He could bend between the networks and narrow spaces, and he was usually eager for someone who was trying to catch him. "

We also had "bubbles", like bubbles like "Biggie" and "Smalls", "Broad", "Sheila", "Earl" and "Flounder," they liked "flounder." Pratte said. Pailarfishe have different sizes and details in their spots, which allow people to have different meanings.

The anonymous aspect of the microbial question may make it difficult to answer, since all Houiles' wins, anemones, are not bad vertebrates, even more trying. They can tighten inadequate farmers or tighten aquarium drainages, and also have microbial temperatures.

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