Monday , August 2 2021

Bathabile Dlamini: "I will tell my story then"

JOHANNESBURG – Called by Bathabile Dlamini after prosecuting the last Constitutional Court, the former Minister of Social Development says "it's a good story when it's time."

In September, the Constitutional Court ruled against Dlamin's allegations.

He also directed the court under the direction of the court, because he had to demand that Dlamini be sworn in office.

The minister announced Praetorian information on this week in the 16-day campaign of activism and did not answer questions about journalists during this meeting.

The National Authority Authority (NPA) has decided to silence the findings of its anti-competitive findings, whether it should be debunked by Dlamini's charges, or not, on the social aid crisis.

"No, I write the story at the right time".

President Cyril Ramaphosa was largely criticized when Dlamini remained, when he announced his cabinet changes last week.

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