Saturday , February 4 2023

Bethesda told 76 Fallout Communications


The following patch changes and bug fixes have been revealed

Some fans say that the game's current state of affairs is pretty subordinate, but Bethesda Game Studios has recently talked about the lack of communication and they want to disagree about the lack of communication for repairs and updates. "We did not want to believe that silence was not something wrong," said the team Reddit message on tuesday "We are sorry and this understanding is not correct, and we will work to make a better bridge between BGS and your team."

The title player of Bethesda Game Studios has been published for two weeks with mixed reviews, lack of contact and lack of gameplay, but Bethesda has said he is listening to comments and has also modified some of the next patch. , which is scheduled for December 4 and will have higher performance and stability.

What next patch will be:

    • The Stash limit of players is increasing from 400 to 600.
    • The bosses will leave more bottles depending on the difficulty and level.
    • Players over-partners can report the nearest map marker.
    • He corrected the error that stuck inside the Arm Arm Player.

Bethesda has said the release of patch releases and updates on Reddit and its official website. "I want to know how to do these articles every week about what is being studied in the studio, about the problems we are experiencing, the quality of life demands and the new enthusiasm for sharing."

And they also announced that the second update will come into effect on December 11 in the game, with the changes and characteristics highlighted, including voice-to-speech settings, with more than 50 player levels, C.A.M.P. placement tweaks, and more.

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