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Chef's Assistant Crime: Prisoners to prepare Bosasa's kitchen outing

Prisoners are already gaining "agents" in 26 kitchens running African Global Operations (AO), but soon more chefs, meat cutters and confectioners will become, as the Department of Corrective Services, to read themselves read the controversial computing ties.

"To evaluate hazards and to prepare kitchens, [we] For example, when you talk about this chair, all of our kitchens will speak to the service officials of service-oriented services and to prepare the service, "said Commissioner Arthur Fraser's management services on Wednesday.

When it spoke of the Justice Department of Justice and Correction Services, the department is capable of taking and preparing AGO, known as Bosasa.

"So, there's no risk of an end to this section," Fraser said.

On February 22, the department warned of the abolition of the contract after the corruption allegations made by the former CoO Angelo Agrizzi Americans and the voluntary liquidation of the AGO.

The resolution notification was made by some banks saying they could be closely linked to the company.

Fraser has said the departments identify the official sections that have already been prepared to be used as administrators, responsible and rational. The offenders are ready to finish the "upskilled" kitchen work contract in March. There will be work shadow too.

He seemed to be a confusion about owning kitchen equipment, Fraser said the party's deputy was said to be under an inspection, but a committees committee said the department had already said it was AGO.

Fraser had legally prepared part of his transition strategy as the owner of the equipment.

Fraser said eight contracts signed between Bosasa / AGO since 2004/5, but total R7.1bn expansion and dissemination.

Since November 2018, it has been written by AGO in order to request reasons that would not apply to a database of limited providers.

The six officials mentioned in the testimony of Agrizzi have received notifications in response to allegations and explanations.

Fraser will discuss a few weeks with reflection to get more details and decide on what to do.

The department also speaks of organized and recognized work on the changes that have been made and, if necessary, some qualified staff should be hired to contract positions that were not internally filled.

No decision has been taken on the recruitment of AGO staff at the end of the contract, following the request of the Police and the Civil Rights Union Union. It is possible to enter into 12-month contracts, if required, by the written submission of Fraser.

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"The departments are the subjects, issues and issues that are necessary," he said.

The Commission's Fraser document explains how to manage the transition to nutrition services within the contractor.

The dangers of adequate nutrition services provided in prisons are not included in prisoners and possible instabilities, as well as inadequate nutrition.

Currently, AGO has 46 434 prisoners serving 26 jail kiosks, 299 of 162,000 offenses in South Korea's 239 corrective centers.

These are:

  • East Five St Albans kitchen stalls;
  • Four kitchen stalls in Johannesburg, Johannesburg prison, four Kgosi Mampuru in Pretoria, Krugersdorp and three in Modderbee;
  • Six in KwaZulu-Natal at Westville Prison and;
  • Cape of Three Westerns in Pollsmoor.

The department has also successfully completed the sale of Groenpunt's two kitchens after the Ukcheza Holdings contract ended on January 31, 2019.

He has implemented the "War Room" transitions, has a "workflow" chapter to make things work properly and deal with breaks.

The treasure is consulted to guarantee cost effectiveness, and cooking services are ready to be prepared immediately for 26 chefs, if the service ends 24 hours.

In addition, the Department intends to acquire the training provider to develop a cook assistant, baking and confectionery and meat cutting courses.

Courts will begin their training on March 6, to prepare food for prisoners to supervise other prisoners.

Regions are also called to maintain stock reserves for precious and non-perishable food during the transition.

Many parliamentarians wanted to see why the department did not make their own kitchen.

Minister Justice Michael Masutha said contracting services was in line with the recommendations of the Jali Commission in 2001.

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