Wednesday , January 27 2021

Cheryl Carolus will testify on the Zondo Commission

Cheryl Carolus, former President of the SAA, has tried on Thursday to investigate the state commission led by Raymond Zondo, deputy councilor.

Paul Pretorius has defended himself, the former Secretary General of the ANC, who has confirmed himself as the next witness, that he believes that his testimony would "take one day".

During his testimony Carolus probably touched on the road to Mumbai in South Africa by touching the former public-owned business minister Barbara Hogan.

Hogan India visited India in June 2010, and in June 2010 he received information that would end in South Africa's Mumbai route.

When this news was heard, Carolus contacted Hogan, who was the president of SAA at that time, in search of a confirmation by the text. Carolus told Hogan that SAA would not end this path.

According to Hogan, Carolus confirmed that Jet Airways SAA was reluctant to decline a profitable vehicle in Mumbai.

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Carolus will announce on Wednesday the former Ramathodi Ngo consultant, Mahlodi Muofher's testimony.

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