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Complete SKA infrastructure design – defenceWeb

The South African Science and Technology Minister congratulates Mmamolo's Kubayi-Ngubane Kilometer Array Plaza (SKA) team for the first phase of this project to build the most powerful infrastructure for the construction of the most powerful radio telescope.

SKA, a collection of telescopes that will be combined to unlock the mysteries of the universe, will be made in South Africa and Australia, and will be extended later to both countries and other African countries. SKA is an international co-operation to build SKA (Manchester United, UK).

In the last five years, two engineering consortiums have been carried out in Murchison, Western Australia and Northern Cape, South Africa, to design the necessary infrastructure for the construction of this complex global project. The access routes include power, water and sanitation, buildings, antenna foundations and SKA telescope support to communications, security and site monitoring equipment.

The South African Consortium, South African Infrastructure (INSA), led by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), MeerKAT designs, builds and works the 64-plate SKA pallets telescope.

In June and July 2018, after almost five years of collaboration, both teams had successful critical designs and then made the final refinement. It is necessary to prove that the SKA "Level 1" requirements meet the review proposals for critical design design.

After successfully examining the components of the SKA's key infrastructure, the project is considered as a major victory in contemporary engineering in the current phase of transition. This includes individual layouts with a detailed specification of SKA elements and integrates them into the system. The review of a critical design of a system will be carried out in December, after which the project enters the procurement phase, after which the construction is set up as SKAO intergovernmental organization.

"I am proud of the close work done by our engineers involved in the SKA project," said the minister. "SARAO, led by the National Research Foundation, has provided MeerKAT with global infrastructure, which has attracted South African SKA to other international radio astronomy tools.

"I do not know the best experiences and practices developed in the development of preventive telescope, the INSA consortium meets the rigorous structures of the SKA structure for infrastructure design," he added.

"SKAO wants to review the critical design of the new system at the end of 2019 and the development of the approval of the approval of the governing body."

The South African Science and Technology Department has invested more than R760 million dollars for MeerKAT infrastructure, commissioned by David Mabuza Vice President and launched last July at 90 km of Carnarvon in Northern Karnar.

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