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CONGRATULATIONS: Momo challenges the girl to convince, 5, to cut her hair

It takes a dark atmosphere quickly, because the children receive "terrible bird" characters with violent eyes and incredulous passions for self-harm. Image: YouTube.com

In London – At five years old, he was hacked by a "brainwashed" suicide game that could hurt children, it was created on Wednesdays.

The "Momo Challenge", in order to explain the roles and self-harms of youngsters, is video splicing on YouTube video sharing video clips.

In the game, that is, when the clips of games like Peppa Pig and Fortnite appear, initially, they appear clearly, with video clips that encourage "Momo".

But it rapidly becomes darkened, because the children receive "terrible birds" characters, with violent eyes and terrible passions for self-harm.

Unplug the results that worry about unplanned emails and photos. The last challenge is to make child suicide.

After teaching "Momo" after cutting her hair, she was taken to the Toddler Trims Salon in Gloucestershire, behind what remains.

In the beauty salon, a hairdresser published a photo of a young man online and writes: "So, I had a pretty girl who has a Momo challenge. I could not help but that monster accelerated."

Momo has been warned by their CEO on their websites after receiving frightening parents' calls.

It's not known who is behind Momo, the death of a girl from Argentina, a French boy and another Belgian boy. The original adventure created by a Japanese special-effects company, which is unrelated to the game.

YouTube said it did not receive any complaints about Momo, and added: "The content of this would violate our policies and would be immediately eliminated."

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