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Creepy creatures get scary asteroids (PHOTOS) – RT World News

Christchurch Hanna Mary was a neighbor whose usual duty was to wipe garbage on the remains of a living creature that was making a local beach during a storm.

On Saturday, Mary and her mother were spotting the beach at Canterbury's Rakaia Huts when they stumbled on grotesque ice and swirling. Mary screamed scaredly, when she found just an explosion or a plastic bag.

"My first thought was something alien, but I was more fascinated than anything else." Mary told New Zealand Herald.

How it was, the creature had claws on its wings, two tables, long tail, long head and fierce looks. The nightmare has a lot of people with standards.

The beach is very surprising, when you go on a little beach, it is almost impossible to swim there.

She was keen to portray Maria scratch as soon as possible, fearing she could have a poison, but she got acquainted with her and took her kabidermist to her neighbors.

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"I uploaded photos to Facebook and we were guessing it all, most people said skateboarding." Maria continued.

"In my opinion, in the deep sea perhaps, Bathyraja is an abyssicola, which could have caught a boat."

Facebook users offer the following suggestions: "A penguin? I do not know Lol, it looks bloody creepy," "Alien definitely alien. Tin paper hats" and "squirrel flying fish."

In the end, after the end of the savage speculation, Dr. Malcolm Francis appointed a male Skater nasutus AKA New Zealand skates.

"It's like a flat shark, it has a cartilage skeleton, they spend a lot of time at the bottom" Francis has said that the wings claws, known as the spoons of alar and the masks, are only found in men's skates and are covered by mating.

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