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DNS Flag Day – The Telkom website does not support the latest security features

An Internet Business Coalition has announced that the Domain Name System (DNS) that do not comply with the latest fixes that do not support temporary fixes.

The DNS domain name converts the Internet Protocol addresses that your device can process.

Changes will be made on February 1, 2019, with a duplicate date DNS Flag Day.

The company has said that the DNS is in vain to be slow and efficient, adapting to some of the non-compliant DNS standards set two decades ago.

"This change will affect domains received in authoritarian servers, which are not compatible with the original DNS standards of 1987 or the most recent standard EDNS 1999."

Coalition members are Cisco, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google and Quad9.

DNS Flag Day website It includes a way to test domains to fill new standards.

Choosing domain domains for South Africa hosting and major Internet service providers is a huge error message for a great player's website. Telkom.

"This domain does not support the latest DNS standards, which means that this domain can not support the latest security features and it is essential to make it easier for network attackers to target," the DNS Flag website warns.

To find out about how organizations were prepared to make changes, we talked to South African Internet players.


Nishal Goburdhan, the INX-ZA Internet Interchange Manager, has said that all of the INX servers are fully compliant and the DNS Flag Day is ready.

"The names of the INX server are exchanged on the internet, but South African governments ( and IXPs and African community support projects," said Goburdhan.



The technical director of Teraco and NAPAfrica, Andrew Owens for interconnection and research, said MyBroadband has an internal network and DNS ready.

"Our DNS solution for solutions, hosted by Cloudflare, is one of the strongest bets on the move, which is why it fills our inverse DNS internally and has been proven to be 100% compliant," said Owens.

Owens clarified that Teraco does not offer clients or network services at the data center, so customers will be responsible for preparing the DNS Flag Day.

Teraco logo


Hetzner says networks and hosting surroundings are ready for DNS Flag Day.

At the Hetzner logo building

Internet solutions

Internet Solutions says its DNS servers are ready. Their domains and their customers have passed all the tests, he said.

Internet Solutions logo


Afrihost said the change forecast and its customers were not prevented.

"We have completed our changes and are ready to make changes. We will closely control everything accidentally," Afrihost said.

Afrihost logo


Webafrica CTO Alan Kirton has said that MyBroadband has prepared DNS Flag Day and does not expect surprise.

"Our DNS requirements are primarily managed by CloudFlare, or in the IS cache," said Kirton.

The new Webafrica logo

Package Compensation House

The Package Clearing House offers secondary DNS services at nearly 400 high-level domains.

"All PCH's general infrastructure complies with DNS Flag day suggestions," he said.

Package Clearing House logo


According to MTN spokesman, Jacqui O & # 39; Sullivan confirmed network and hosting environment that DNS Flag Day is ready.

"MTN has done it with its diligence and does not expect a bigger day."

MTN Store


Vodacom says that DNS Flag Day is ready and it will be February 1, 2019.

Vodacom store

Liquid Telecom – Forbidden in the comment

Liquid Telecom could not comment on whether its DNS Flag Day is ready for its hosting and hosting environments.

Liquid Telecom

Telkom – No Comments

Telkom did not respond to comment on the DNS Flag Day reminder.

The company has said MyBroadband has updated the system to make key changes and control its DNS environments.

"Telkomen DNS systems have been updated with new keys, SAIX and Telkom through the Internet," Telkom spokeswoman told MyBroadband.

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