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Eskome paid more than R1 to Gupt

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JOHANNESBURG – Eskumek has paid a Gupta mine nearly R1billion this year to not receive coal, although the supply of coal has no drops in locks.

Eskom gained R705 million from March to March, according to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Zwane and Matshela Coco, CEO.

This month, Eskomeek 1 will investigate the load being loaded after its 1-coal central supply, a mere 10-day merit.

Plants are supplied by Tegeta Exploration and Resource owned mines and, at the same time, owned by Guptas & Oakbay Investments.

Availability is usually related to monthly emergency supplies.

Eskom keeps payments to Oakbay, despite liquidity problems, refusing to be forced into the contract.

The school's spokesman, Khulu Phasiwe, said the utility paid an optimal R150 tonnage.

Fasiwe said that Tegeta's contract was a constant link, although he rescured the Oakbay business.

"They are under the company rescue and as the law says, you can not do anything in punishment until the issues are resolved," he said.

"On our part, we're just interested in getting coal and we're ready to buy at the right price.

"We're not talking about all of us, we do not want to enter a speculative area. We want to get the most coal we want."

Optimum mine has the potential to produce more than 200,000 tonnes of carbon per month.

However, his contract with the Eskoba could double 470000 tonnes a month.

Guptas bought the giant global giant Glencore with Tegeta with R2.15bn, just a few days after he bought an orchestra orchestra by Zwane, named by the former president of the country, Jacob Zuma.

Eskom gave R659m a step forward for Tegea to facilitate the supply operation.

Energy analyst Ted Blom described a precious continuing payment.

"Tegeta exports as much coal as possible to make money to survive and that situation does not work well," said Blom.

Nowadays, better workers are being prosecuted in the mine to pay their monthly wages.

The National Treasury Report, which was postponed by the Special Council of the Special Council of Kokok, during this month, was postponed.

The report said it was curious that it was planned in a few days, that Glencore threatened to offer them a sub-standard coal by Eskom, which Koko denied Tegeta.

The prediction was described as a preferential treatment.

"The officials of Esko and Tegea opposed the article 34, first paragraph, of the Prevention and Cooperation of Action Effects", said the report.

"We need to respond to the major directors of the situation, yet Esko continued to use coal and punished more than once."


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