Monday , November 29 2021

Exam License Leakage: Falcons entered the rope as the previous probe showed more provinces affected


An analysis work has been filtered.

An analysis work has been filtered.

  • The Department of Basic Education noted that the Mathematics Paper 2nd enrollment question was written on paper a few hours before the paper was written.
  • According to a department spokesman, the Hawks are assisting in the leak investigation.
  • The department says the investigation is accelerating.

Basic research has shown that according to the Department of Primary Education, the 2nd question mark of the Mathematics Paper has been influenced by other provinces as well.

And now the Hawks are on the ropes to help with the investigation and track the origin, as well as how far the spill has spread.

Speaking to News24 on Tuesday, department spokesman Elijah Mhlanga said that shortly after the document was released on Monday, it was stated that Gauteng and Limpopo had been identified as affected provinces, while other provinces such as Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal could have. he had access to paper.

READ Maths Paper 2 was leaked, under investigation by the Department of Basic Education

“WhatsApp messages [of the question paper] he also went to candidates from other provinces.

“We live now because people send us screen-by-screen conversations on WhatsApp groups, with people’s numbers, who sent the paper. All of that will help in the investigation,” Mhlanga said.

Mhlanga added that the department was lagging behind in time to complete the probe and set the way forward, whether or not rewriting was necessary.

He said they contacted Hawks on Tuesday to help with research resources.

“We don’t have time. We are trying to finish as soon as possible.

“We all want to know what will happen [and] if there is a rewrite “.

Mhlanga added that some candidates appeared to make it known that they owned the role played in WhatsApp groups.

Mhlanga said:

I received the question paper after midnight [on Monday]. I received an email with the paper, which is from Sunday night, when people had the paper – that is [also] means that someone was given a role and was working, and probably not working on the answers after [the person] began to share. And then the next one didn’t know the answers …

News24 reported earlier that, according to a conference on higher education and curriculum at Nazaren Dasoo University in Johannesburg, the department needed to re-evaluate its mechanisms with Covid-19 in mind.

“Given the exceptional situations we are experiencing as a result of the global pandemic, today’s matrix students, along with the added burden of stress, should establish more creative and authentic ways of assessment. [instead of an] emphasize traditional and standardized matrix analysis, ”Dasook said.

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