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Exploring Opportunity Wasteland at Rage 2

To date, Rage 2 exhibitions have been fairly linear; The Avalanche Studios world wide and post-apocalyptic tracking track recorders overcame limitations by highlighting advanced game reloading and loaded systems. My final hands gave me the keys to the kingdom that I did not like with the game, but they made me wrist girdles as generous as "cars" and they allowed me to see a small pot. Rage 2 map.

[I had to become] Actually, the television star was incredibly astonishing at Kardashian.

The first stop was to return to Wellspring. He was asked to re-examine the spread of the vortex of the original version of neon and rust, but since I limited the game, I consulted the workbooks and other NPC searchers bulletins. the main role of the story. The mayor of Wellspring, Loosum Hagar, was blocked in a power struggle with Klegg Clayton (with the great richness of the mayor of Clayton) and they were charged with sneaking at Clayton's senior office. his computer In order to be able to access its domain, my celebrity should be the first to become a television star, because Kardashian is so stubborn.

Cash for Bash

The fans of the original Rage will definitely enjoy Mutant Bash's television back and it's more violent than ever. Gore-packed game show was my first goal to lift the status of my celebrities, and I managed to get the hidden neighbors of four major sands into my loud shotgun.

Mutant Bash TV is back and is more brutal than ever.

The death stamps are similar to those of previous games, but Rage 2's more dynamic fighting system listens to things a bit. For example, & # 39; Monkey Business & # 39; On the theme of the jungle, instead of the stretched stroke of mechanical sleeve and gorilla that overflows extreme waves, I have been able to use Shatter's ability. forcefully mind the mindless horde animatronic facial splatter against the razorsharp hug.TheIt is clear that sinking balls that lit up the electricity have been giant and rigid to help in the massacre of my mutants, and demonstrated a muscular instrument and a mini gun in a high elevator, compared to machine guns. Squeeze in the walls and the ceiling with pipes. Tell all of you, Mutant Bash TV was a safe slice of my giant blast, constantly firing at Rage 2 shoot-em-up at its best.

Driven by despair

Unfortunately, the second part of the mission, on the lap of Chazcar Derby, was not surprised at all. In that circuit there was not much; Alternative paths and shortcuts penetrate a dirty path of dirt, hanging over the carcasses of vehicles and escaping short hair adorned with red stones. The AI's quality of the opposition was not even made, although it was an incident that was clearly unarmed, it maintained a great deal of attack from the beginning to the end.

It was a tough competition, unfortunately, with unstable manipulation and the constant rate of change in the frame.

Instead, the biggest buzzkill was self-handling, it was slippery and sometimes slow, and the frame frame was constantly changing, as each return could be more than a fight. (Note: I was playing the PC version of the game.) As a result, although I finished the podium needed to achieve this goal, I went to the finish line more than the sense of relief. In fact, considering the main and agreeable components of the original Rage, I am hopeful that the developers will optimize the Rage 2 race for a long period of time for the premiere of May, but for now there is a melody. up.

With Wellspring, he went back to prestigious levels (all local people recognized me when I was "champion"), they sent me to Clayton's office and detailed my details. Bad guy monologue & # 39; gizmo & # 39; I slipped the bug into his personal computer. But when my departure seemed to be sitting in the pool, the floor was in the path and I was immersed in the basement of the building, so that Clayton's "pet" could be considered a lifting monster, perhaps the best being described as a beast. Clayton fled the city on a hoverbike.

Beyond Thunderdome

While I played the Rage 2 story mission – aside from the technical issues as a racing mode – the path to my story was a bit less inspirational outside the exploration path. When I was in my hands, I wanted to try a couple of side activities on the map, and I was disappointed with the open world of two open games.

One wLike "Pit Stop", it basically destroyed a few fuels in a fuel tank. In another, I pulled out a sensible turret, my eyes were clear, and without a cargo container that protected the fire in its return. There was no special mention of activity, similar to similar lists, side-by-side missions that Far Cry and Just Cause have played.

This, of course, was a small sample, and the developers previously stated that the Rage 2 environment is a vast area, from swampland to high-tech laboratories. But if it leaves the maps aside, to stop them and repeat them, the right Rage 2 & # 39; in order to attract a little more open world. In these last episodes, the Rage 2's first-person shooter is definitely a fluid, frantic and funny brand, but for now, it's an ultra-violent world or an intriguing desert. wasted loss

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