Sunday , February 5 2023

Failure takes the video "Casper"


Takeoff is a global space with its latest music video.

When each member of Migos was announced when a solo album was released at one year, fans were excited and their private projects would not be understood. Culture series In the third part of his group's work at the beginning of 2019, Takeoff released his solo album. Last Rocket A few weeks ago people arrived and people were delighted. The general consensus among hip-hop enthusiasts has been the lyric of the majority of the Takeoff group. Now with his record on his behalf, some songs have been highlighted as "Casper" favorites. Yesterday it was revealed that Atlanta Spitter would lose the music video to promote video, and we did not have to wait a long time.

The whole work is based on the concept of stellar, and the listeners are transported to another planet. "Casper" is apparently a response to Takeoff Drake's "Controlla". They are similar tools but their approaches are different. As in yesterday's shorts released, Migos's rappers take on a different dimension, surrounded by exotic women, expensive cleaners and CGI graphics.

Check out the new video and leave your thoughts.

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