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Feature: We'd like to see things on Super Mario Maker's 2

After six weeks of rumors and expectations, Nintendo opened the first Nintendo Direct of 2019 revealing Super Mario Maker 2, and when opening gambits, he was the winner.

The original Wii U game began in September 2015 and has been completely combining basic nails with an intuitive interface in the brand-name brand Nintendo. Players of all abilities have their own Mario level and four sets of paddles & # 39; It was changed between the 2D route of exploitation, originally Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Bros. new.

Although Wii U owners (and later 3DS gamers) were the absolute treatment, the players had some problems, and the charts preferred to increase their chances of being added to the game. Nintendo executed some of them: the checkpoint flags, for example, left the despair in search of "palette" or new game games.


Moving forward to 2019 and a lot of Gamers' responses. Second-second seconds of Mario Maker 2 reveals all the features that demand most: frickin & # 39; on the slopes. There was more detail, among other things Super Mario 3D World & # 39; Skin & # 39; plus related items, deserts, snow and Jungle levels, Angry Sun guy … The list goes on.

Of course, the Nintendo Gamers are a demanding group, and adding images adds to our imagination even more. So, talk about what we want to see a little furnace upstairs and see in the next game. Things that feel like that real battle and it's not DLC, or many people expect the "Deluxe" Wii U port.

Our list has been divided into three sections: "probable", "possible & # 39; and & # 39; no-months-on-Sundays & # 39 ;. This last section has some features really strange ideas, but dreams!

Come on!


Toad and Toadette Character Playback

Super Mario Maker 2

The top-ranking image is a safe and secure bet like Toad and Toadette. Although we have not seen Luigi in the game yet, he is planning a great deal of promotion and his flutter also makes the jump of the dead. It will be very interesting to see if their characteristics affect the ability to complete the level of each character. Perhaps, Luigi, and his unique jumble, will be the levels that can be made, for example. When we confess we are not greatest Toaden fans from outside Mario Karting or Treasure Tracking Context, the variety is never bad. Maybe Toadette's special abilities Super Mario Bros. The new Deluxe Here is the proof.



Changed for many local players, it would be very well suited and would offer a great opportunity for cooperative or competitive. Imagine a simple level to send it to your partner or, alternatively, switches that you must press to prevent your progress. Whether it will extend to four players or not, but if the original game has been taught anything, people can choose between tools that provide tools. The thought of four players shows the wisdom we saw in the final game levels.

Additional Powerups

Mario series always had simple power ups, but it was often very difficult. Think again Super Mario Bros. 3 – The findings of the Frog Suit and Hammer Suit were rare, and we lost a lot more than one goomb and we lost some of the things we found for a moment, so it would be fantastic for Mario Maker to have access. The game elements later on would be superb; Tiny Mushroom would make some complicated labyrinths, though it probably should be the host of miniaturized items, and that Giant Mushroom might perhaps cause too much. Super Mario 3D World Double Cherries would be a riot, and we'll see, for example, the Bumblebee Suit Galaxy games Who knows? If Toadette is in play, maybe the super crown will be among the new powers.


Moving forward is a look at things we think possible, less than sure at the top …


New Skins / Styles / Palettes / Themes / Whatever you want to call


Sound SMB2 …

The first four of Mario Maker's "#!" Skins & # 39; skins did a great deal of exploitation, but almost immediately we started to imagine other styles. Super Mario Bros. 2 (or Super Mario Bros. USA As is well-known in Japan, there is an obvious connection to Western players, and as the game was mechanically different, these mechanics are not absolutely necessary, & # 39; we wanted it Of course, digging and mechanizing the plant Doki Doki Panic it would be amazing, but we would take a SMB2 palette if it were the only option.

Elsewhere on the Game Boy theme Super Mario Land or Super Mario Land 2: 6 Gold Coins? The second would probably be easier to implement, and we are not sure of it really Super Mario Land wants to play the "interesting" physics accuracy. At the moment, Nintendo's game was an incredible approach to the NES game, the Game Boy diminutive, but the sequel captured the look and feel of the series of portable behavior. We played Cute Plane Mario in the original game, but the whole palette would be very good.


Finally, a Super Mario 64 The skin would probably be a winner. Yes, it's a 3D game, but it's Super Mario 3D World and it's already here! The 90's polygonal style is resurrecting the raw style and the nostalgic journey would be great for the goombas to bounce in small angles and force them to disappear with a fake gesture, perhaps playing Bob-omb Battlefield's background in the background.

Gravity Switches / Zones

Gravity switches and zones have been seen in previous Mario games, and we believe that Mario Maker was very well suited. Areas could be "painted" in the background and all kinds of potentials are cast by shells just The right angle for capturing gravitational to negotiate, change and open a door or something like that.

Worlds and maps


Oh, this is a biggie. After passing the slope, he said that people put them in their original game: the ability to unite four levels and become the "World". Without them, levels are individual curiosities, but that is because people really can share – His Mario games & # 39 ;. It would be to add a world map on the cake; Various routes, secret session, Toad Houses, Hammer Bros. Meetings and cards would be matching games. maybe all That is expected too, but it would be wonderful.

Text boxes

If we link some levels to complete "worlds", it would be nice to add a micro-narrative of our creations. The free text form opens the most stringent options of Pandora's Box, so we question it, but why not? Dark Souls– Stable puzzle sets and interconnected phrases and NPC or & # 39;? & # 39; Have you been awarded blocks?

Importing Wii U Levels

After several hours of investing in the original game, it would be ideal for recovering our creations and importing new games. While many people may have Wii U available, it may take a while longer by leaving the console. Technically speaking, it should be easy enough to link to an old Nintendo network, and while the engine may change, it would probably not be possible to convert old files into new games, even if the authentication phase needed to retrieve old players.

Wii U

Without leaving behind more technical details, it is difficult to know, but the Wii U Gamers would be very pleased to enter the previous Masterpieces of the Switch.

Musical creation instruments

In the end, the broad range of music creation would be something special. The original games had a limited functionality to allow the tone to be assigned to note-level notes, some spectacular self-directed music creations. We want to see more steps and be able to create our own themes Mario Paintstyle editor Of course, we have not proposed anything near Nintendo's composer wizard level – Koji Kondo we are not sure, sure, but we practice with us Animal Crossing We're ready for a city theme and a wider palette. Who can cross Mario X Daft Punk?

So that's the end credible idea. Now it's time to go deep into the end and plunge into speculative void. There is no way we can see one of these options, but we dream it.

Completely Outlandish

Island of yoshi

Let's start with this small section with a couple of "skin" or paleta ideas. Island of yoshi He still stands as good as looking for the best Nintendo platform; we have adore His look, and the supervision of the line would be wonderful. Of course, we would probably want to throw the egg mechanic and throw Baby Mario appetite; Maybe too much price to pay, but it would look pretty.

The latest style in our list a Mario paper palette Even more than Yoshi Island and Super Mario Bros. 2, the game would not be transferred in any way, but Paper Mario's 2D aesthetic is gorgeous.

We are talking about Paper Mario's theme (and we're still on it) really enclosed in the cloud cucumber territory), can you imagine rotating around the Y-axis 90 degrees worldwide? We still remember the first time it happened Super Paper Mario and it was a wonderful time. The implications for the gameplay would be almost impossible here, but for a moment remember …

Brain Scrambled? Do not worry, our latest one is less indifferent, even though it is a great deal of work. Imagine Mystery Mushroom Costumes – These 8-bit characters unlock you through challenging or play amiibo with the GamePad, along with art styles. In addition to 8-bit versions, you should have a 16-bit version of Samus, Sonic and Co. in the Super Mario World palette 3D versions Super Mario Bros. new palette and beyond? That would be more than just 150 completely 3D animation characters and vehicle models. We would also like to new This amiibo was provisional. Oh, yes, now you see it in the last section. Oh, but what a beautiful dream!

Phew! That's the great (and increasingly shameless) explanation of Super Mario Maker's hope. 2. Which are your choices in the final grade? Why do you think that you will have an excellent add-on? Please let us know in the comments below.

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