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FIFA lost the transfer following the resignation of Emiliano Sala

FIFA transfers Emiliano Sala from Nantes to Cardiff after a French club claim.

Sala has won a record of 15 million pesos from Cardiff to Nantes, and David Ibbotson's driver went to Piper Malibu for the first time in the capital of Wales on January 1. Aircraft air traffic control radars disappeared on Channel English, the day-to-day search authorities.

– Sam Borden: Looking for Emiliano Sala

He financed more room family searches through the crowdfunding campaign on airplanes and the body of the player on February 7. Mr. Ibbotson's body has not yet been found.

Cardiff has been paid by Sala and Nantes to intervene at FIFA.

"Yesterday afternoon, we received a claim against FC Nantes against Cardiff City FC Nantes against Emiliano Sala's transfer, which we are discussing and, as a result, we will not comment on this stage," a FIFA spokeswoman for ESPN said. FC.

A statement by Cardiff said: "Cardiff City has committed itself to ensuring fairness and accountability regarding Cardiff City and FC Nantes agreements, but first of all, the relevant authorities have to determine incidents related to this tragedy. in this ".

The original period for the first payment of 5.8 million pesetas was made on February 16, until February 27, and the transfer was officially registered by FIFA, so Nantes believes it is entitled to claim its payment.

The agreement sources told ESPN FC that Cardiff did not need to transfer from Nantes and the Ligue 1 club believes that FIFA will not intervene.

Air accident researchers have said plans have not been licensed by the Chamber of Commercial Authorities. The entire finding of the research may take more than one year.

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