Monday , January 25 2021

Final Fantasy XIV adds the Hrothr race, but both Viera and the genre are locked

I should be careful what I want

This year, Final Fantasy XIV The fans unleashed the race as a race in Ivalice's Viera race Shadowbringers expansion Another new race at the Tokyo Fiesta Festival, Hrothgar, showed the pleasant surprise of anthropomorphic animal artists everywhere. However, there is a catch that catches the Internet around this advertisement: Viera is blocked by female characters, and Hrothgar is closed to male characters.

Personally, I want to be happy to be able to play as a great lion leopard, just like men with bunny ears. I would like to make this clear, but instead I can not feel it again. We never saw Viera male before and see Final Fantasy X.The Ronsoen tribes (which Hrothgar has little inspiration for) are mostly shown by men, so it is not surprising to decide. Gender-locked character options is one of my greatest MMORPG mascots.

I prefer Hrothgar to want "exotic and varied characters", leaving aside some of the basic genres of race racing, but it is very common in Eastern MMORPG, but I can almost always see such division, only four MMO races with only 10% of women. Almost men have only 100% anti-furry. There may be an attempt to respond to different demographics, but I always like a bad taste in my mouth, especially since Viera's men did not notice any indication.

This is more pronounced FFXIV2.0 patch has removed the previous gender restrictions Miqo & Roegadyn smooth. How much do you consider? XIVNew players were available for boys and giant cats available. I do not know what Viera and Hrothgar have given the same treatment. Fortunately, Square will react to the release of two genes for both genres. But I would not tell about that.

Shadowbringers It will be released on PC and PS4 on July 2.

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