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First Impressions: Zelda: Wild Wild and Super Mario Odyssey Labo VR


Can you throw in cartons or both? Well …

By Ben Bertoli

It's been less than a month since Nintendo opened its Labo VR headset in a skeptical world, and the response was a bit better than expected. Nintendo's best-sellers, Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild and the Super Mario Odyssey, announced just a few days ago with the launch of recent cartoon cartridges, Nintendo announced an amazing announcement. The time has come, and the results are rotating in the head.


The Zelda series knows its memorable locations and a vast space of different worlds, and Wild Wild of the Breath is definitely the most massive. It was exciting to see Hyrule's beauty in all directions and perhaps I could get a new look through the Labo VR headset. Moving my head back and forth and adjusting it up and down, in the view and new control movements, I immediately filled up with a wave of motion. This was a surprise because I had no problem with nausea in my first dozen hours at Nintendo DIY VR headphones.

Side edges moved Link's camera; the upward and downward movement approached the hero of the time and made me farther away. At least saying it was dissolved, and soon I had to rest my eyes and catch the brain. Labo VR's grainy screen did not help, Zelda's beautiful environments reduced fuzzy and looping loops.

Like all 3D Zeldas lines, Wild of the Wild is in the adventures of a third person, occasionally switching to the first person or shoulder view to shoot arrows or explore remote locations. It is not surprising that they were very accurate and enjoyable in VR. Decorated with a curved arrow, he felt naturally in the air, but he soon retreated to the control of the third person's camera with Wild Breath of the Wild.

The latest Zelda did not create a VR, and it is clear that this latest update should never be based on the virtual realm. Reproduction of Wild Breath is always a good idea, but it does not change the facial two-inch switch.

Odyssey, what did you do?

Unlike Wild of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey updates a VR adventure adventure, the headphone strengths are stronger. The experience places you in the settled position of the three known kingdoms of Odyssey, and you find the tools you need for bands. Surprisingly, everything you need to do is turn around and look, giving Mario a vision to collect coins, music notes and tools correctly. It's a simple concept, which is so effective.

While Odyssey's VR mode is very nice and easy, it still has similar versions of Wild Shore of the Wild and Labo VR experiences. You can zoom in by using the shoulder buttons, but it is hard to look for items and characters hidden in the distance. Odysea leaves a few minutes late to make pauses and eyes and arms resting properly.

After playing 20 minutes of Odyssey's VR mode, I helped all the musicians and unlocked the little bonus available. It was pleasant, but eventually it was an unforgettable little trip, I wanted more.

Zelda and Mario VR updates Nintendo's newest toy. It is interesting if the company places these types of updates at the bottom of the line to other libraries and how these VRs can be used for the game already set. For now, I'll rest your eyes.

Ben Bertola is pleased to talk to you about the VR kit kit with you on Twitter @SuperBentendo.

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