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Five women accuse the sexist Besson film

At the Paris School of Film, there are new alumni reports, old model models and former employees, nine women who have complained about Luc Besson's complaints.

The French director Luc Besson will arrive at the premiere of the "Eva", which will be premiered at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival Berlin, on February 17, 2018. Image: AFP.

Paris, France – Five more women accused of sexual assault and persecution French boyfriend Luc Besson was raped on Wednesday, a young six-month-old actor.

At the Paris Film School, new alumni reports, ex-models and former workers have made complaints of nine women. Figures item.

Among his former colleagues, the French research website, Mediapart, says he was able to have sex with him at luxury hotels in Paris.

When Besson's lawyer and his production company EuropaCorp contacted AFP, they refused to claim new claims.

His former assistant said he was invited to dinner at the hotel in Meurice, where he had no home at home and was looking for work to attract his friends.

He said he would be a "protector" and sat down on his lap and gave him a "little kiss".

"I do not know why he left me," said sexually uncommitted.

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"I was petrified," said Mediapart. "At that time I had a positive idea, I lived a living god".

Besson is one of the most powerful players in the French film industry, with many international titles, among others Big Blue and Nikita He has a studio at the edge of Paris.

His 2017 epic science fiction Valeria and the city of Mil Planets The European budget of 158 million euros was the most expensive.

But Sand Van Roy's 27-year-old Belgian-Dutch origin, Besson was raped at the age of 59 when he was in close contact with the producer and director.

In Van Roy, Besson never appeared in films ValerianHe said he had pressured into sex to keep up his roles.

Besson has dismissed claims, saying that Thierry Marembert has "prosecuted fantasies".

In July, the CEO of Besson told Mediapart that he was "attacking him every time he was with him", and he was also called for sexual favors.

Both women also said that Besson had "acted wrongly" with them, with an actor, that he had to flee the questionnaires in his offices, hands and knees.

Among the new accusations, Karine Isambert, a theater producer, got caught up in a London hotel room in London in 1995 to start a career as an actor.

The two former students of Besson's Cite du Cinema cinema also reported harassment and accused the former staff of its EuropaCorp company and did not act on their own.

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