Friday , January 22 2021

Four truck drivers arrested in four public violence, Nzimand condemns a protest

The Minister of Transport, Blade Nzimande, protested on Monday the arrest of four truck drivers against the N3 N3 in Van Reenen.

"The driver used their articulated vehicles to block the southern junction and the north crossroads [blockade], two trucks were launched, "Colonel Thembeka Mbele said in a statement on Monday.

The officers of the protest officers allegedly began to appear in the Uthukela clusters and units and the Newcastle Public Order Police Unit.

"We do not know what the protest was," Mbele told News 24.

The police imposed four trucks.

The observatory announces that the minister joined the National Cameroon Association on Friday to listen to their complaints, hiring gaps and foreigners.

"The minister praised the government agency to respond promptly to arrest the governments and trucks associations in the field of law in order to prosecute those responsible for malicious actions," he said. The transport spokesman told Ishmael Mnisi to the EWN.

The Ladysmith Magistrate Court will appear in the Supreme Court on charges of public violence due to suspected suspects.

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