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Generally generates baby babies in China, scientists condemn the "monster" experiment

Dr said the embryo was edited at 22, and 11 were IVF attempts before six women had their twins become pregnant. Image:

In London – Chinese scientists have condemned a "sneaky" experiment called "genetically modified" children who drink in China.

Dr. He Jiankui said the twins were not excused from HIV, the CCR5 gene permitting the introduction of lethal viruses into human cells.

She made two girls, Nana and Lulu, a few weeks ago when they were born in China, although the research was not published or independently verified.

That's why baby babies are illegal in many countries in the United Kingdom where scientists and labels accuse the investigative scientist of "irresponsible, suspicious, and risky negligence" as "Russian genetic roulette."

People with CCR5 gene may be protected from HIV, but other viruses are more at risk, B hepatitis and the West Nile virus, as well as the dying flu.

Additionally, the genetic editing of genes also includes babies with severe birth defects and cancer.

Dr. He, at the Southern University of Sciences and Technology Sciences, hired HIV-positive and local partners for fertility treatment to protect their children from the virus. The paternity that goes through with HIV is almost zero when mother is not infected.

The couples were given fertility treatment, along with the edition of the CRISPR-Cas9 protein genes, with the mother's egg injected with a sperm. This acts like a molecular gland, allowing the CCR5 gene to activate a protein that triggers HIV.

Dr said the embryo was edited at 22, and 11 were IVF attempts before six women had their twins become pregnant.

The Dr. He's Expert, Professor Julian Savulescu, published a lecture at Hong Kong's International Gene Series, was described as a "monstrous" director of Oxford Uehiro Center for Practical Ethics at Oxford University.

He said: "He recalls the decades of ethical consensus and instructions with the support of human investigators, and he would be illegal in other parts of the world, punished with punishment.

"These healthy babies are used as genetic guinea pigs. It is a genetic Russian roulette."

Dr. Dusko Ilic, King's College of Life Sciences and Medical Faculty of London, said: "These people were experimenting with the life of their children who would face trial.

"Gene editing technology is not perfect and … it can create birth defects, have disabilities to learn from spin bifid and never have ever heard of genetic diseases."

The fear of the genesis is that CRISPR-Cas9, a homing molecule and a cough of DNA cough, can be cured in an incorrect part, the risk of other diseases when entering genetic mutations.

However, Dr He removed them from group embryos from group cells, and when babies were born, the genes edition was safely developed.

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