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Gillingham Bosasa bosses: Mercedes Benz, please!

"Gavin called me and said:" Frans, Patrick needs a new car. ""

"Gavin called me and said:" If Frans, Patrick wants to get better, he needs a car for his wife. "

"Gavin called me and said:" Patrick needed a car for his son. "

A man from the Bosas province, Frans Vorster, took control of the US commission on Tuesday, and achieved the deepest end of Bossa's greatness, when former chief executive officer Patrick Gillingham was executed.

Gillingham, was born, would only take the best German engineering, Mercedes Benz, cold and hard.

Two more than three children, however, should make Volkswagen Polos and VW Golf has all the extra things with his wife.

Gillingham's eldest son was not the recipient of a car at Bosasa, as Vorster explained.

The Commission stated that the vice president, vice president Raymond Zondo, "was driving a car and driving a car to buy children from Bosas," said in a statement.

Vorster was in the middle, and he testified to what Bosasa would call CEO Gavin Watson to meet all Gillingham requests.

Vorster revealed that Bosash's Gillingham relationship started well since the company won its first non-profitable offer.

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In fact, he convinced the second department of services department of Gillingham in 2004, leaving the best practices out of the hospitality contract, would be good practice, and would keep the series of cash currencies.

He won the Bosasa R300m tender, after being in charge of the National Commissioner of Linda Mti, for the company's surplus, to exchange offers.

"He (Gillingham) was essentially the driver of the process and then he would approve Mr Mti," Vorster said.

The key role of Gillingham, the merits of the Benasa R2B services management services, is well documented in the 2009 Special Unit for Research (SIU).

The SIU report describes it as "an integral role".

But when the first Bosasa came to Gillingham, it was a mystery until Wednesday.

Vorster's father also worked with Bosasa and had a relationship with Gillingham. Gillingham was the key sold to work with Krugersdorp.

"Gavin Watson came to my office in Lindela [Repatriation Centre] In 2003 I asked the other party. He told me: "Patrick has been arrested again, because I'd like the bidding for procurement services management services," Vorster said.

At that time, the DCS kitchens were in their facilities and in prison, and the external concept was not yet on the table.

Shortly afterwards, Vorster was summoned to the bargain on the Bossa headquarters, which was to be handed over to Gillingham.

Vorster would then put the cash in an envelope A4, just like the documents.

"I would meet Patrick at a particular restaurant, especially Pretoria or Centurion, and we would look at specification and menus on checkup service kitchens. I would give it to the envelope and take that information," he says.

Amounts have changed: R5000, R10000 and R20,000.

Vorster described the relationship between Watson and Mti "good and close," and "Gillingham appointed the contracting division Mti's management services."

Mti later appointed a financial officer in Gillingham.

Shortly after Bossa won the bid for chefs in 2004, Vorster said Watson could ask for help from Gillingham.

At that time, Gillingham took out a Mercedes Benz E240 gold applause, with a large number of kilometers compared to the clock and the left head. The dealer offered R89 million commercial value.

Bosasa bought Gillingham's car at R155 million, directly paid in bank accounts, and then paid for the deficit of a new market.

"We paid a lot more than what he deserved," said Vorster.

Old Mercedes Benz was not lit.

The following year, Vorster acquired a Volkswagen Golf again at Gillingham's wife.

"Gavin called me and said:" If Frans, Patrick wants to get better, he needs a car for his wife. "

A year later, Gavin's call came back again; At this time, Gillingham's son needed a car.

Bosash also bought VW Polo to be her daughter, but Vorster said that she was leaving it for granted.

Shortly afterwards, Gillingham again needed a new Mercedes Benz and Vorster.

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For each one, he testified, Bossa would use some trick to conceal the cash flow of the dealer's stake.

"This was done so that someone was not forced to investigate and did not choose them. Internal inspectors did not receive it."

Over the years, Bosashak also won VW Touareg V8 in Mti, and built luxury houses in Mti and Gillingham.

Vorster said that "knowledge extended" was funded by Bosash to build homes in Midway in Gillingham, and by creating Savannah Hills Mti, customized cookware and luxury furniture.

Today, according to Agrifizo, Gillingham drives Mercedes GLA200 to Watson's husband, courtesy of a company owned by Mark Taverner.

Vorster also stated how he was hired by Watson for a "cabriolet" contracted by the daughter of Nomvula Mokonyane, an annual minister, in December 2015.

It could not be a Cabriolet, the Bosasa paid for the Audi A3.

During the SIU investigation, Vorster is also called to destroy the evidence. VW Touareg Mti got a file on the purchase of a contractor's employee, and burned the file.

"Who said that all must be done? What was the idea?" He asked the floor at one point.

"That was Gavin, Angelo and me, the crew at that stage," Vorster said.

The Commission wants to restart it on Thursday.

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