Thursday , January 21 2021

Google has its "Netflix for game & # 39; – Gadget announces

Google has announced that it is part of the game space, and it is based on two important aspects of the game: playback for players, which allows players to play the game everywhere and with a fast latency Internet connection; Audiences seen in the game.

This game allows you to get more gamer because it reduces mobility costs, using latency low-cost advantages. You will get it through a globally connected network of Google data centers. Playground players are probably using a high-speed Internet connection; Therefore, access to the Stadia platform will be an additional expense.

Through the Stadia platform, users can access every game at any time, without any installation time on any screen. CPU, GPU, memory and storage hardware are also scalable, as well as cloud server resources.

Google will take advantage of its other platforms, such as YouTube, via streaming Stadia. About 200 million people watch YouTube on YouTube. This, for example, can be played by Stadia players with other Stadia players – there is no download, no updates, no patches, and there's no installation.

For consoles, Google has designed a custom controller.

The driver was designed to establish a direct connection to the driver from Stadia, to a Google data center, through Wi-Fi, to achieve the best possible performance. The controller also has a button for instant capture, saving and sharing in the 4K resolution. Google integrates the wizard button and microphone, as in many Google products, for voice control.

This device is expected to be released this year until the FCC approves it.

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