Thursday , July 7 2022

How to change iOS Notifications settings on the lock screen


Notifications are the best iOS feature so applications and iOS can report important warnings: a new section of the show is available, a new text has come, Lyft is on its way and much more. However, you may change the applications or notifications you often notify after you have been granted.

Plunge yourself settings > notifications, scroll to find the application and adjust the settings. But Apple introduced an iOS 12 in an important way to change the notification settings within a password alert.

To manage Mac911 notifications lock screen on your screenIDG

Swipe left and press the Click Manager button.

  1. On the locked screen, scroll left and press manage, or "peek" (click lightly) to preview the notification, then press the three predicted points (…) in the upper right corner.
  2. It offers a pop-up menu easily or deactivated, as well as in the Settings link.
  • Tap Silence delivery and notifications will appear in the notification center from now on.
  • Tap Shut off and confirm tapping Deactivate all notifications. App notifications are completely disabled.
  • Tap settings and directly appends you to the free application notification settings, where you can think.
Mac911 notifications lock muted screenIDG

"Peek" (click on fire) and from the lock screen to get a variety of notification options.

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