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How to get SARS to return the money

The holidays of December came and went, and I was fortunate to spend some time with my family on the coast. So, over time it is neglected, it is important to set a certain amount of time in advance, and fortunately you will save money at the end of 2019.

In these political and economically volatile periods, opposition parties such as ex-president Jacob Zuma, among other things, will be able to save money from "money-backed" money from tax offers from South Africa Tax Service (SARS). Sars & # 39; return money & # 39; When it's won, it's a double profit: it will boost our savings and pay less for you.

We like it, I pay my taxes diligently, though, sometimes, I say some profanity under my breath. However, when I've legally saved certain taxes, I've been reducing my tax bills or completely bypassing tax income, I see it as a profit. In the long term, the amounts are added to the investment, so make it the only R200 add-on for one month. Then you will earn more money than anything else.

There are investment products that offer tax benefits, so that Sars can really get the money back.

Fan fan: We have spent almost 16 years investing in wealth management and investing in a tax benefit. So, before reaching the details of the investment offer, let us now say that the investment product merit must be taken into account and evaluate the tax advantages, if applicable.

Compensation Savings Accounts (TFSA)

The reason for accessing the TFSA was that of saving home. This privacy can reduce the vulnerability of unexpected expenses to homes, which at the same time increases the debt.

Increasing domestic savings means increasing overall economic savings to finance higher levels of fixed investment and boost growth forecasts.

TFSA offers tax benefits, so saving, without sources, income, capital or dividends, is a free tax and the subsequent income is free.

The product offers a wide range of investment from local ATMs and offshore assets. The annual contribution limit is R33,000, up to R500 thousand years. However, he is subject to the death penalty.

Earlier it is possible to start a TFSA because long-term investment will be for the benefit of the compound of tax-free growth.

Retirement Annuities (RA)

The second tax saving investment product is an RA. The RA has received more than one reason for sharing bad press. However, there is no reasonable RA link, which gives a great value to your investment portfolio.

A RA is simply an individual pension fund, that is, the employer's fund that can be taken advantage of by those who do not have part of the group scheme, or those who want additional savings, to enjoy the benefits they are investing in retirement.

From the point of view of tax benefits, these contributions are tax deductible for at least R350,000, or 27.5% increase or increase in tax revenue, but before deductive deduction.

To keep in mind, say, the R50 000 year and 30% average tax rate income will save you $ 25 million a year. You can import R50,000 but invest R65,000 physically if you re-invest your tax contribution tax.

Growth, without income, income, capital or dividends, is free. There are no real estate or real estate deaths. Nonetheless, non-Prudential Guidelines of Investment may invest more than 75% in equity and not more than 30% offshore.

Many financial writers claim that limited offshore exposure denies all of the tax benefits of this product. But, in my opinion, these offshore investments, and other investments, should be made very well for tax deductions and tax-free growth.

The second commentary of comments, if you levy the income you earned, will withdraw you from the product, so it's better to justify the share of the taxes, the taxpayer (CGT) and the dividend, which is lower than the marginal income tax. Again, it's different. If we look at the difference, for example, in the portfolio portfolio and over 25 years of age, recovering Contribution Deduction and Reinvestment and Tax Growth, more than those that make up retirement income dependent on income tax.

I hope this is read, if you are committed to a RA, if you have not yet one. However, it is important that you have the balance of discretionary and discretionary savings in your portfolio, creating different tax and liquidity profiles.

Investments in the 12J section

Article 12 Investments were made since 2009, when the South African government introduced tax revenues for improving the private sector and the promotion of the economy.

These changes included fiscal incentives for investment – for individual, trusted or small corporate corporations – 12J section of venture capital investment companies. 12J. Section companies must be registered with the financial sector behavioral agency (primary financial services committee) and Sars.

While contributions to section 12J are useful, to achieve high income, most of the sector's support has come from investors seeking to reduce CGT's impact.

Inequivocally, this is an investment category, where you have to be closely linked to the underlying investments, investment strategy and emissary compliance, greatly excited about fiscal saving potential.

From the tax benefit point of view, tax deductible tax deductions can make unlimited contributions. Do not help too much, excluding a tax split RA, and you will not be able to get a full tax benefit on your RA contribution. You must invest at least five years, otherwise your tax savings will be recovered by Sars. At the start, the basic cost of determining CGT will be taken as zero.

I will pay less tax (as long as they make the money) or get some taxes, I will not pay more than anything. By the end of February you have to make your investments, so you'll be able to get in on it immediately – there is no money to make money!

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