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Hyperloop would also benefit from superconductivity

Superconducting material would change our everyday life. The use of electronic devices that consume little electrical energy, such as electronic devices, would be possible for floating high-speed trains to become a reality. Elon Musk (and others) also won Hyperloop.

The super-magnetic superconducting trains can be a means of converting the mobile into a cheap and ultrafast means of transport, the professor explained Neven Barišić TU by the Estonian Institute of Physics of Vienna. "Superconductors are excellent diamonds and would be the best floating rail technology, but we are still looking for materials that can still be easier and cheaper to meet the demands of technology. Understanding super-heavy temperature superconductors is definitely one step in the right direction and the Hyperloop project would be a great benefit ".

Neven Barišić is currently investigating supercomputers. Nowadays, he has published the results that have come close to bringing the production of superconducting materials.


Conventional electronic systems are based on components like wires and wires and have a specific electrical resistance. However, there is no material in this case, at least at low temperatures. These are called superconductors. These materials decrease the electrical resistance at a temperature when the temperature drops to a critical level. Among other things, metal has ownership.

It would be a scientific advance for the production of materials remaining at room temperature. However, studies carried out in the so-called superconducting high temperature make it difficult to understand that many quantum effects of superconductivity are not sufficiently understood.

Barišić: "The materials that show the behavior of superconductors are at close proximity to absolute zero, and sometimes we understand why." The real challenge is to understand superconductivity cuprates where temperature is still much higher.

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High temperature superconductivity in high temperatures is one of the most important scientific milestones in the last 50 years. Copper is a chemical compound containing anion containing copper and is usually superconductant in pressure 140 Kelvin (133 degrees Celsius). But the main questions about the complex phases of the phase of these materials remain unresolved.

Barišić views the material that remains in the state of superconducting temperature, as a solid state physics holy. Now he's approaching. Two electric charge charges have been found in the subterranean interaction and this interaction is essential for superconductivity.

Some electric charge carriers are mobile, others are mobile.

  • Moving floating carriers can only sit in an atom and only resist when the material is heated.
  • Mobile charging carriers can go from one atom to another.


Superconductivity is caused by mobile electric charge carriers. "It is an interaction between the electrical system that changes the electrical system and the electrical charge of the mobile," says Barišić. Real estate is similar to adhesive and connects mobile pairs to each other. This is how "Cooper pairs" are created. After this combination, the electric charge carriers convert it into a superconductor and can provide the material with the ability to transport them, without resistance and resistance.

Barišić and his research team have concluded that mobile and real estate carriers should pay close attention to superconductivity. Pairing stickers & # 39; and the relation between electric charge must be balanced. An imbalance inevitably involves the weakening or collapse of superconductors. The main scientific research is to determine how the effect of doping the material with temperatures or other atoms causes a balance between floating and mobile carriers.

Neven and his team experimented with cups. From the largest number of data, a complete phenomenology of superconductivity of cuprat can be presented. Among other things, superconductivity could be gradually developed. The researcher helps to better understand the knowledge gained by his team and to develop better superconductors. Barišić believes that the superconducting results of the research have given some steps to better understand.

More information about superconductivity can be found as an imaging diamond in the Meißner effect on information literature.

Here you will find the link to the original publication of Neven Barišic:

Original publication: Pelc et al., Science Advancements 25, Vol. 5, no. 1 (2019)

Latest News by Neven Barišic:
Nature Communication volume 9, Article number: 4327 (2018)
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Photo: Shanghai Transrapid (c) Yosemite Commonswiki


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