Saturday , July 2 2022

Lerato Khanye died after long illness


Lerato Khanye, mother of HHP's son, has died.

Johannesburg – A month later, when his father died, Jabulani's "HHP" rapper makes the son of Tsambo mourning another parent's death.
On Monday, Leane's mother, Lerato Khanye, died in hospital at Joburg after a long illness.

According to the Ncula family spokesman, "he was sick. Families are currently asking for privacy."

This family is now committed to guaranteeing the well-being of Leanus for 13 years.

Khanye HHP's long-time girlfriend was reuniting Lerato Sengadi with her typical wife.

The last day of the murderer of Motswa was killed, and he was taken to Sengadik on the day before he was killed before the funeral. Khanye was in the midst of the feud between the HHP family and Sengadi.

The mother of Tsambo was told by Lean's mother Khanye, the only woman said, and Sengadi's son was married.

Joburg's chief court said Sengadik was a HHP's wife, but that he did not stop the funeral of rapper, as planned. Instead, Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng said in the spirit of Ubuntu that Sengadik should go to a funeral home and be allowed to go there.

Earlier this month, Khanye said Leano was traumatized when he left two of Sengadik's HRH Randagk Ridge home. In the neighborhood of the Sengadi house, the judge Mokgoatlheng accepted as a couple of couples.

At that time, Khany said: "Leano was not there because he was sleeping in his parents' place, he fell down and could not sleep, thinking about his friends."


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