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Mamadou Sakho said he was "in trouble" with Liverpool and the French team

According to Mamadou Sakho, he will not regret anything in his life, after doping has been unconcerted and to end the 2016 Europa League.

Now, Crystal Palace's advocate has shown a smoker with Hyenamine three years ago with Reds playing.

Sakho was an anti-prohibition investigation, and later found that nothing was wrong with the list of substances not prohibited by the Anti-Doping World Agency.

However, he made the most damage without losing the final victory of the Europa League in Liverpool in the Euro 2016 campaign against Sevilla and France.

Mamadou Sakho says he will not regret anything of his life

Sakho went to Crystal Palace in 2017, he was first loaned and then constantly, and Roy Hodgon was a key side.

When he talked about Daily Mail, Sakho explained why he is happy in his career, and he does not look back at wrath.

"I will never regret something of my life. If you have something in your life, you will get it," said the French.

Sakho Crystal Palace went to the palace in 2017, first borrowed and then continuously

"Even if all the world is against you, you have it for yourself, you will get it. If not for yourself, why do you shout? I have my destiny. Life is short.

"We need to be positive. We are here to give you a smile, a good show, if you look good or bad for life, you're in the same place and crying, the future will not change."

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