Monday , June 14 2021

Man Utd Champions League news: Mourinho: If not better, I'll walk!

The chaos of the roads made Red Devils late on the last day, and the boss once again anticipates changes that prevent other repetitions.

Man Utd, Jose Mourinho, jokes at Old Trafford 's # 39; to go to the hotel, even if traffic is bad.

Man Utd has campaigned several times on the road, first when the Champions League league in late arrives in Valencia. The club has imposed a penalty of 15,000 euros on UEFA.

Immediately, The Lowry changed a lot of decades for The Lowry, Hilton Gardens made a great deal of difference, one against the other side of the continent, with the Portuguese leader, for a while with Juventus. time

Once again the change of hotels to Young Boys' visit Tuesday is to avoid the exchange of 55-year delays.

"We want to change the hotel," Mourinho said. "We are not coming from the city. We take it in a hotel a few meters away.

"Information is much better than last minute, good if not better!"

As things go worse, United boss updates the players' wounds on Wednesday's European act, and it's not good news that Victor Lindelof was suffering from muscle pain in Sweden in the face of international duty, but he acted painfully. Saturday morning draw at home at the Crystal Palace Premier League.

This regular match played against United in the first row of Mourinho in 11 Premier League matches and three Champions League matches.

But Portugal has been looking for an alternative for 24 years, trying to get lost in the Young Boys' home of the Champions League in a week and could not be available for a week.

"He'll be rested," said Mourinhok on Monday.

"An injury – an adequate injury – that will be kept for a while.

"If we go to Christmas, we need it when we need it as much as possible".

There are also members of the Argentinian international Marcos Rojo Young Boys.

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"We have it [Eric] Bailly and [Phil] Jones, "Mourinho said.

"Marcos Rojoro has a lot of injury and Victor injury, a good injury.

"So Jones, Smalling and Bailly are three of us."

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