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Manchester United Tottenham will play better in Real Madrid than Van der Vaart

Real Madrid and Tottenham midfielder Rafael van der Vaart have said that Gareth Bale is better than Manchester United or Spurs with European champions.

Balo did not adapt to Spain, and in 2013 he collaborated with the team members of the 100 million-euro movement in Tottenham.

"Maybe, but I think [Bale] He wants to be in Madrid and wants to play more ", Van der Vaart asked Radio Cadena Ser if he had asked if Bale would leave." But I think that a team like Manchester United or Tottenham would be a better return because it is a British people. Different in Spain ".

Wales made an international critique over the weekend, when Real Madrid team against Lucas Vazquez and after giving a happy gesture to the Spaniard, Bale goalkeeper scored a second goal after winning 2-1 in Levante.

Diary AS has accused the Welshman of "weak attitude", but player Jonathan Barnett has said that ESPN FC is "loyal" with "no problems" with its members.

The Spanish report was requested by the Madrid players at the request of the President Florentino Perez in December in the Bale market during the January discount window.

"I'm a bit surprised," said Van der Vaartek in the club when he asked about the situation of Bale's situation. "I do not think it's light because the player is very good".

Van der Vaart, who had been in Spurs for two years before going to Spurs, said that Balak increased pressure from Bernabé in the summer of Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus.

"Real Madrid paid a lot of money [Bale]It's not 100 million euros [Lionel] Messi or Cristiano, "the former Dutch international said." It's good, but Tottenham's good and bad game.

"Cristiano and Messi are playing well [Bale] lack of consistency But Real Madrid pays a lot of money and when you play it, you have to play it well and I think so. Of course, Real Madrid is playing against Tottenham, and that's why it's a problem. "

Van der Vaart, who retired in football in November, said that Bale had not contributed to the adaptation of his life to Madrid in spite of his Spanish.

"The guy is very quiet, he just likes it," said the 36-year-old. "He has not been in contact with his teammates. I know that in Spain it's important to speak Spanish and I think I'm in the group, feeling a bit loneliness.

"When it does well, it does not matter, when it's bad it has problems."

During this season, Bal scored seven goals and took part in two other legislatures The White ones, 15 comedians as beginners.

He scored three goals in six appearances of the Champions League and was tied to Madrid in the 2022's.

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