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Microsoft has released Windows 10 20H1 Build 18845 to the Advanced Ringtone

Being Windows Insider can be very confusing today. It was the only version of the Windows 10 preview to test – the OS's next feature update – but now there are flight flights ahead so that users can see Windows 10 versions. one day another year. Crazy

On Tuesday Microsoft released Windows 10 19H1 Build 18346 Fast Ring, and now we have built Windows 10 20H1 18845 Skip Ahead Insiders. To access this build you need to go ahead. This office will be closed, but it is still possible to get access. Follow the instructions here.

As Microsoft has explained, the reason behind the 20H1 branch branch explains some of the things that are "working longer", which is fair (and ZDNet has more), but I think that most people are now part of the 19H2 outbreak They expected the tests and they would not be released until 19H, after this spring. Perhaps we need Skip Ahead Skip to a branch.

Anyway, I Digress. The main change in this construction is the addition of the keys assigned to the new Emoji 12.0 content. I know Exciting to the right?

Kalm down in the back.


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In addition, the general changes, improvements and repairs in this construction are:

  • A problem with Bluetooth hands-free audio drivers could be solved.
  • Something is being solved Insiders may not be able to access Feedback Hub's Search section.
  • If you reduce the reliability of the menus menu during a pre-flight problem, a problem has been solved.
  • Microsoft Edge has solved some bug fixes during the previous year.
  • Small tweaks have been made to make icons on File Explorer icons a little better when dark themes are enabled.
  • If a problem is fixed in several languages, pressing click on WIN + V will populate the clipboard's UI history before choosing the clipboard history.
  • With the new Adlam keyboard, a problem has been solved to stop writing in some common words.
  • Regretting the Vietnamese writing problem, the touchpad capitalized each word automatically in some applications.
  • It's been a mistake if you're using a pen-struck blinking feature or touching some of the win32 apps to start the tablet's second instance of tablet mode.
  • It has been solved by a great deal of DWM problem after fixing a bug.
  • There was a problem fixed, where File Data was welcome when enabled, in some languages ​​(Japanese and Chinese) Insiders would show the wrong day.
  • Deleted and non-functional family Security icon has been created in the taskbar notification field.
  • There was a problem in the black background that turns black text on the taskbar's search box.
  • When loading the boot menu, Narrator resolved the void that the linked folders should use to navigate.

There are topics that are familiar with, among others:

  • Anti-Troubleshooting software may trigger triggering errors (GSOD).
  • Microsoft has made some improvements in the reliability of night light in this flight, which continues to be discussed in this space.
  • For display calibration scenarios, the monitors are missing an integrated color management application. As a summary, use the Settings application to select a profile profile on the screen settings page.
  • Restore this Computer and Save My Files When Reserved Storage is enabled, the user must restart again so that the repository can function properly.
  • Realtek some readers of the SD card are not working properly.
  • In Windows Sandbox, if you try to navigate narrator settings, the Settings app crashes.
  • The color of the mouse pointer may be changed incorrectly after logging in and starting again.
  • Creative X-Fi sound cards are not working properly.

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