Saturday , February 4 2023

NASA's Mars Lander is two years old –


On Monday, people across the world watched InSight Mars landing live.

The scientists who survived the earth referred to as "seven-minute terror" as it touched the red planet.

Scientists also celebrated themselves Some of the worst social interactions never engraved directly.

I'll give them that, even if he had landed at Mars.

To the ground safely on the ground, here's the next CNN:

Unlike Marteren's outer garment, InSight stops in a planned two-year mission.

InSight was already busy. To the ground, he has taken two pictures and sends Earth postcards, informing the house. The initial images are large, because the dust shields are not still removed from camera lenses.

InSights solar arrays have been dismantled and handcrafted, roughly, 1960s convertible.

"We are solar energy, so it's a great deal of extraction and exploitation," said InSight project manager Tom Hoffman at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"With energy matrices, we need to start a cool science operation. We are currently going to study for the first time in Mars.

On clear days, the panels will be supplied between InSight 600 and 700 watts to meet the kitchen mixer with the standard. In fragile situations, panels will generate between 200 and 300 watts.

The suite of geophysical instruments will measure the internal activity of Mars, including seismology and sun and its lemma in the measurement of wobble like planet.

The seismic experiment of internal structure that includes these tools determines the influence of Marsen, Heat Flow and Physical Properties, under the surface and determine the heat of the planet and the internal rotation and internal structure experiment. Explore the core of the planet.

It will be able to measure quakes that will occur anywhere in the InSight planet. And it is capable of launching a probe on the surface.

The information sent by InSight will determine the geological activity under Marte's temperature and its crust, whether it is still a cold center or so Earth is so comparable.

The first data is not expected until March.

Keep it posted.

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