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New Dune Games are finally being created

We've been playing Dune for a period of 18 years and tell us Since Frank Herbert's Dune since 2001, I have not done it personally, Dune 2000 was completed in 1998 in the series that ended in two decades. If you are not a series, the main entries were RTS experiences based on 1965. Darren's novel, Frank Herbert. It was also a CCG, as well as a movie. In fact, it is one of the greatest sci-fi universe ever created. Now, finally, new Dune games are being created.

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It has been a long wait and, like many older schools, Dune could be the first experience. It was an original RTS memorable, and sometimes I also dreamed of sandworms in those nightmares. That's why I am very glad that the three new Dune games will see a clear day.

After completing the fourth financial report on Funcom, Rui Casais CEO made a follow-up announcement announcing:

It is very exciting to announce the exclusive game collaboration of Legendary Entertainment to develop a video game line based on Frank Herbert's Dune's work. Dune is one of the world's most popular science fiction universes and my favorite. Funcom to play Dune games is a dream for many of us.

Additionally, in another statement, Funcom explained that the partnership mentioned above is at least six years for at least three PC and console platform titles. One of the games planned for the "World wide multiplayer genre" and this year's title, Funcomen Oslo studio, will be included in previous production.

In addition to the Sci-Fi world created by Frank Herbert, the new Dune games are still a lot to explore and I can not wait to hear so much more. Fortunately, Funcom does not confuse this as we wait for a new Dune game.

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Are you a fan of Dune and what do you think of Funcom to create three new Dune games? Write in the comments section below.

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