Wednesday , January 27 2021

New research suggests in Bitcoin [BTC] The predominance of cryptology in the market is more than 80%

In many cases Bitcoin has challenged the dominance of the crypt in the market. In addition to the arrival of the Bear market, many cryptic currencies have commented that "Bitcoin is dead". According to recent research by John Paul Thorbjornsen, Bitcoin continues to grow strong, with more than 80% of its market. The researchers came to the image with Bitcoin liquidity.

Source: Medium

According to the graph below, Bitcoin is much higher than Ethereum and other coins, in terms of liquidity. John Paule says in his research:

"It is clear that Bitcoin is the main currency in terms of liquidity, with more than 80% of its ownership being consistent and rising, taking into account the Top 5 coins, Bitcoin (20%) accounts for more than 85% of the market, so Pareto It's a distribution, and it's really much stronger. That's the strength around Bitcoin around Schelling Point.

Research has also indicated that the graphic dominance of the CoinMarketCap market is not a factor in non-liquid factors. John-Paule wrote an incorrect "55% supersession" of the cryptops, including Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. The question was a comment,

"Bitcoin, for example, was the first currency in the first crypt, and originally … it had 100 percent of the market share, then went to 90 and now it's 55."

According to the study, Bitcoin's liquidity was calculated as a metric liquid, resulting in the need to multiply the volume-weighted Cap-Weighted Cap. This is the key factor that suggests the key issue of other encrypted Bitcoin market.

While Bitcoin's market share dominates, the crypt Moneta also received a new one this week when the BTC's hash rate reached 4 months. The sources showed that the hash rate was set at 52 thousand millions; The last point was in November 2018, when the hash rate was 54 quintillion. The highest Bitcoin hash rate ever recorded was in August 2018 when it reached a record high of 62 kilograms.

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