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Nigeria: Second stage of the Yellow Fever Vaccine Campaign in Nigeria launches


Press release

The Nigerian Government, with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi, Vaccine Alliance and UNICEF kills 26.2 million people this year through preventative campaigns. The second phase of the best year of its fever aims to increase the immunity of the population, and it began today.

The campaign funded by Gavi will run from November 22, 2018 to December 1, 2016 and will reach 18.6 million children and children in the states of Plateau, Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger and Borno, as well as in the Federal Territories.

"The vaccine will be targeted for children between 9 and 44 months old, parents are advised to participate in the vaccine and participate in their children. The vaccine is free, safe and effective," said Joseph Oteri, Director of Special Career. National Health Service of Nigeria's First National Health Service.

The red mouse is caused by a virus spread through a snack infected mosquito. Some patients may cause severe symptoms, fever and stomach (skin and eyes yellow), but the vaccine that gives the disease can easily be avoided.

"Millions of people die a massive business," said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, Director General of the WHO in Africa. "However, this achievement will be protected by people from viral diseases of the hemorrhagic patients in Nigeria but in the African region."

In order to ensure that this vaccine campaign is run correctly, the Ministry of Health has collaborated with Gavi and, in collaboration with WHO, has prepared and implemented the Management Assistance Group (MST). The MST are preparing to prepare for the campaign, and WHO fever will be collaborating with experts in the field of yellow assistants and technical assistance in the campaign.

"Nigeria is in a global fight against global control," said Seth Berkley, Managing Director of Gavi, Vaccine Alliance. "The normal immunization coverage of the population continues to be very dangerous, as shown in the final apparent disclosure, which is why the campaign is very important to protect them unprotected. As long as the campaign is saved, we will strive to improve the best long term routine immunization coverage. Therefore, each child is protected and prevents the occurrences that occur in the first place. "

The Fagor horizontal vaccine mass vaccination campaign (PMVC) was carried out in the first phase of January and February of 2018 in the states of Kwara, Kogi and Zamfara and in the state of Borno. 8.7 million adults and 9-month-old children ages 45 were vaccinated. In total, 26.2 million people are expected to introduce yellow fever this year.

The campaign is taking place as Nigeria feeds. Since its inception in September 2017, the cases approved by the local 27 Government Local Authorities have been confirmed.

Nigeria is one of 50 people to get the Elimine Yellow Fever Epidemics (EYE) strategy. The WHO, which is directed by Gavi and UNICEF, aims at protecting endangered populations, preventing and rapidly expanding the international spread.

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