Thursday , November 21 2019
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'Nine wasted years' & # 39; The claim is political disadvantage: Zuma

"In the next nine years, to clean the air, I have to report what we did. What a shame would be for an ANC and a leader of the government to be forced.

"These words say that they are actually saying … people, ANC, we failed, we've been losing things for nine years, but has voted for us." You can not tell when you're approaching.

"Because people can not vote because of their failure, I do not understand the things that were done, so I think that this could not be the effect of some things," added Zuma.

The government said that there was nothing wrong with anything happening during its nine years.

"I do not understand completely, I think we must stop, but it does not help. We're really beginning to discuss the public. I think it's not quite correct and I will not be relaxed, at that time I was responsible for ANC and the government That's why, especially when I said Tito, I thought it was important to correct this, "added Zuma.

Some people said they were making a lie, because it was wrong because "a country number was broken".

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