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Nums go to Gordan to the Eskom speaker's speech

The National Union of South African metalworking has revealed proposals for Eskoba's separation in order to break or privatize the utility of power to prevent all attempts to repeat it.

Numsa is one of the three unions of the Esko union, together with the National Union of Mining and Solidarity.

On Friday, Numsa, Secretary General, said that Irvin Jim did not have the battery check out the views of the scandal's separation.

He was responding Minister of Public Affairs, Pravin Gordhan, spoke of a negotiated debate with Business Unity in South Africa earlier this week.

Gordhan said the government would "soon" discuss the distribution of schools.

This scattering idea has been proposed by energy experts such as Chris Yelland and the Abolition of the Entity's tax burden as part of a broader debt-loaded power utility resolution strategy. The idea usually breaks the distribution of electrical electricity and electricity transmission entities.

In July of 2018, the general treasurer of the ANC Paul Mashatil said the press conference in Cape Town could be broken by three organizations: production, transmission and distribution.

Jim on Thursday, Gordon criticized that the future of the Eskenes did not work.

"We are the most important school party, we represent staff and nothing is communicated to the SOE in the future," he said.

"Our members read these reports and are not understandable because they did not ask for future manual injuries. The school should be worried for all reasons, because Eskome did not make any reductions in the last ten days managers without consulting or consulting.

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