Thursday , December 9 2021

Officials accept the government’s salary offer


CIVIL Servants have accepted the Government’s offer with a 41 per cent increase in salary and payment with a bonus that will be staggered from month to December.

The wage agreement says the government is committed to a roadmap that will restore the value of wages after meetings next January.

The two sides met yesterday at the Joint National Negotiating Committee (NJNC) and took a step forward.

The new development comes after the Government’s commitment to improving the service conditions of civil servants.

In a statement, the Apex Council said progress had been made.

“At the meeting of NARNK in Bilbao on 16 November 20120 (yesterday), it was approved to pay the Cost of Living Adjustment (Cola) for civil servants, with an average salary increase of 41% of the total package (basic salary + transport allowance + housing allowance + special public service allowance + representation, if applicable) from 1 November 2020.

The allowance, which will be staggered in November and December 2020, will be paid for basic salary, housing and transportation assistance, ”the document says.

“The parties pledged to get a roadmap to recover the lost value of salaries when the lowest paid civil servant in October 2018 earned $ 441.

“The roadmap will be agreed at a meeting to be convened for this purpose in late January 2021.”

The Apex Council has said it has rejected several offers made by the government before, but has seen it prudent to reach a consensus after the final talks.

At the beginning of this round of talks, the average earnings of a civil servant were $ 40 depending on the bank rate, but progressively increased by $ 164 depending on the auction rate and $ 187 for teachers.

“As for the Apex Council, this is a breakthrough. With just seven weeks to go until the end of this year, the Government will cite a lack of resources to meet the demand for full recovery of lost wages and will gradually change according to the Process,” he said.

“The last Apex Council plenary on negotiations promised to accept the government’s offer, if the quantum reaches 50 per cent of USD 441, we would earn in 2018. Unpaid workers are still USD 41 of that amount, most other grades are very close to that figure.”

The Apex council said the government has committed to a meeting in principle to put in place a roadmap to restore the value of wages in October 2018 as a key demand for workers.

“It will be a total disaster for civil servants if the Apex council takes the current offer and declares the blockade. Indications will be that they will be paid without an increase and allowance on basic salary and housing and transport assistance. while acknowledging that this is far from ideal, this has been the best decision to take care of the best interests of employees.

It was also agreed to comply with a key employee request to make the US $ 441 recovery wage adjustment a benchmark in October 2018 for workers to earn as a benchmark, ”the Apex Board notes added.

Apex Board member and President of the Zimbabwe Teachers Association, Mr Richard Gundani, said the lowest paid civil servant would now receive a salary of $ 14,524. “The lowest paid officer will receive a salary of $ 14,524.

This is effective starting this month. The allowances will be paid as announced by the Government but will now include basic salary, transport assistance and housing allowance.

The Covid-19 bonus is still set at the $ 75 equivalent at auction, ”Mr Gundani said.

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