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Old viruses probably have THC and CBD

For thousands of years, humans have been consuming cannabis, but scientists are still in the dark about the luck of the devil. Thanks to new research, we now have the potential to respond to a mysterious mystery of power science: Why do not chemical compounds that cause no harm to humans and other plants?

As I have already said, THC and CBD have cannabinoid compounds and human effects. THC is known as one of the most important psychoactive components of cannabis (that is, it is high), and CBD has recently become an ingredient as a component from beverage to cosmetic.

According to a study published in November Genome Research, these two different compounds did not always exist in the cannabis plant. According to the research, millions of years ago, ancient viruses colonized the plant's genome and changed the DNA and were given THC and CBD.

"Proteins [for THC and CBD] They are embedded in this great mess of sequencing like viruses, "said Tim Hughes, professor of molecular genetics at the University of Toronto, and the author of the study." These sequences are known to facilitate chromosome reordering and in a dangerous way. "

According to Hughes, these viruses could accelerate an evolutionary process in order to distribute a single gene in two single genes in two parts, giving THC and CBD. "It seems easier for me, for a long time, that this process happened again in this part of the chromosome, since these are two enzymes," he said.

This change made the chemistry of the former cannabis chemically different and selected plants that it desires since humans, such as THC, according to a press release of the study.

Since cigar is similar to ancient viruses, it has helped us to develop the properties we know today, but according to Hughes, the nearest ones are not harmful plants, like mulberry and lupol.

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The discovery of antiviral drugs is probably the result of the research product of Hughes and his colleagues, that some people are spotting some cannabis. This will publish the first complete map of the genome of the cannabis. In February, Colorado launcher Sunrise Genetics shows the cannabis genome map, but does not publish on paper, saying it would "share less than one year". Hughes and his colleagues published a sketch. Genome in 2011, but it was not accurate to show the location of the chromosome genes.

These maps are essential for improving the weaker understanding of our cannabis plant. The map of Hughes and his colleagues is already paying dividends to discover the role of THC and CBD for the production of viruses. According to researchers, a third cannabinoid called CBC has also been created.

And many people need to learn to learn about a regularly consumed plant, but science still does not understand. The great one, according to Hughes, confirms that THC and CBD use plant capsules, assuming that these compounds were much longer than human beings. "It is sensible that these people have these effects," said Hughes.

We will soon see more studies thanks to a new wave of research that is currently undergoing investigations of the basic strangers of cannabis science due to the legalization of Canadian plant. Previously, the researchers were working hard to study and the money needed to carry out the investigation was more difficult. Now, that is changing and, at the same time, understanding our cannabis.

"It's a plant that makes these biochemical things, and it's not the same thing we can do with other plants, animals and microbials," said Hughes. "Nobody did, we could not do it."

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