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Parktown Boys & # 39; Senior Senior Assistant Assistant is in 23 years' imprisonment

Parktown Boys, the former High School Waterpower coach, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual assault and for another three years.

Collan Rex, 22, initially made 327 posts. However, 144 claimed claims of sexual assault and 12 counts of common assault. The court refuses some charges.

On Thursday, he dismissed Judge Peet Johnson as court judge and intervened in court and had difficulties in court.

"When a person is punished, the court exceeds personal circumstances," he said.

The judge said he also considered the victims were seen under suicide. Rex's convictions were serious and his behavior was directly linked.

"You were guilty of serious crimes," he said.

Serial sexual offender & # 39;

"I have never met [a case where] There has been a lot of sexual assault on a person. You can not download it in a different way [as] sexual offense and sex bully, "he said.

Johnson said the judge did not believe that Rex did not know the consequences of his actions.

In addition, it was surprising that Rex was advised to follow his actions, because the host's master did not send the video to evidence.

"The sentence will not be used to destroy it, even if your victim did not despise it," he said.

Johnson described Rex as a danger to society and children and he added that he added to the record of sexual offenses.

In the Court of Law, sitting in the Palm Ridge Court, on Tuesday there was a criminal proceeding.

They were planned for the first 17 years, but the probation officer made a pre-trial report.

& # 39; Nothing is & # 39; its actions & # 39;

Earlier Thursday, he sent the defendant William Robertse to his courtroom quotes asking that Rex's age be considered when deciding the verdict.

He presented – Rex was bullied, struggled and touched his genitals as he underwent time as a student during his school – he did not see anything wrong with his actions.

Roberts has said that the psychological consequences and the impact of the victim is not that Rex should be guilty. They should also take care of students and teachers who have committed other victims.

Johnson argued that Rex did not harm his boys, why did he make them dry?

In that test, Rex drove his boys in their rooms.

The American Arveena Persard argued that the depression of boys should be considered. He said that the victims of the victims were depressive opposites due to the actions of Rex.

"We have very sadly heard that the students were writing their psychiatric tests," explained Persard.

& # 39; Predefined behavior & # 39;

Persas wants to add Rex's appeal that victims should live with throughout the rest of the traumatisms.

"The law of the State will be sent to the effect that this crime will not be 17 victims," ​​he said.

Persard said, at least, that the court could have had some incidents with other brothers as well.

He had a minimum number of at least 68 people.

The lawyers stated that the state also accused the accused of "premeditated, inhumane, shocking, manipulated and unstable behavior".

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