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#PleaseCallMe saga: Apart from Lesufi threats, it creates hot in Vodacom

The Vice Minister of ANC Gauteng, Panyaza Lesufi, talks about speaking to the Finance Minister about the Government's transverse contracts with Vodacom [JSE:VOD] and international organizations, even though they have threats to legal actions in telecommunications.

Lesufi, a teacher at Gauteng MEC, also directed a briefing briefing on Wednesday in his personal dimension with the ANC Liliesleaf office and #PleaseCallMe Movement, who met Friday at Vodaworld In Midrand.

Lesufi Twitter has been the voice of social networks, and Vodacom calls Me Call Me Inventor Nkosana Makate in 2000 to develop the product. Call Me is a free service that allows the user to send a message to send a call to the user in real time.

On Wednesday afternoon, he continued to tweet, boosting Vodacom Boycott on February 1, if Vodacom does not respond to his requests.

Lesufi, Makate and Modise Setoaba, the Me Call Me movement, on Wednesday, at noon noon, fifteen-day afternoon, made "false and bad comments" about Vodacom and called "and / when the Vodaworld store is in the invasion."

"Nkosana Makate, from Gauteg J, Ms. Panyaza Lesufi and Modise Setoaba," Ms. Call Me Me ", written by Vodacom, are the last threats that our offices invade and occupy on January 31." Time and time desist request "is incorrect," Vodacom spokesman Byron Kennedy confirmed in fin24 an email.

Vodaworld extinguish

The Constitutional Court ruled in April 2016 that Vodacom signed an agreement with the development company of the company Makate Phillip Geissler and that negotiations should start with a "reasonable payment".

#PleaseCallMe believes that "the move to commercial harassment and commercial injustice" is that the plan closes the Vodaworld office with the ANC Liliesleaf office on Thursday, until it is paid by Maketus, according to Setoaba.

Kennedy Vodacom has "prepared continuity plans to handle any event".

The telecommunications company now says that the issues will be closed and that it is now available for the Makate Quiz like Vodacom and ready to pay.

"On January 9, 2019, the CEO of the Vodacom Group (Shameel Joosub) made decisions and decisions between the legal representatives of Makate and Vodacom.

"According to the Court of the Constitutional Court, Vodacom's vision, as recommended, is the final judgment of the Vodacom Group CEO as a criminal trial" as a "criminal mechanism", "said Kennedy.

Earlier this month, Makate said the deal declined by calling the amount of bids "shocking and undeniable."

However, the mobile operator has not yet received official Makate communications to eliminate the amount of settlement.

Pay back the amount

According to Vodacom, the latest liquidation image that could not be accounted for by independent and independent accounts, and the Intellectual Property Commission, in April 2018, presented an agreement between the Vodacom and PriceWaterhouseCoopers company inspection company. Makate said that Vodacom offered him R10m.

Makate must receive 15% of the money produced by Call Me, when it signed an agreement with Vodacom. This figure is considered more than R10bn.

#PleaseCallMe Movement Vodacom distributes Makate R70bn payment requests. The telecommunications giant, with 79 million subscribers in SA and abroad, earned and earned R15.6bn profits in 2017/2018.

Nyoka, one of Vodacom's principal legal and regulatory guardian of Vodacom, is the opinion poll in Nkate, and according to his opponent, MTN invented and patented the product "Call Me" before Makate.

Macaul backed by former CEO of Vodacom, Allan Knott-Craig, stated that a mobile operator would match the idea of ​​the country.

While decades of long conflict, Makate has a big finger in the corner with Tuli Madonsela Protektor former and communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams to pay for Twitter.

Vodacom faces boycott threats from the Freedom Freedom Fighter (EFF), in December, after using the loudspeakers in a sponsored event at the company, using imagery depicting "abusive freedoms".

Mobile networks joined EFF and made a joint statement to avoid "misunderstanding" in dealing with issues differently.

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