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Pokémon 5 things to know about the sword and the shield

Yesterday officially it was the Pokemon day. He has been playing for the past 23 years since the beginning of the Japanese conquest of Game Boy (and soon in the world), and Nintendo's performance in a very spectacular way.

In Pokemon live streaming, he announced Nintendo Pokemon sword and Pokemon shieldA couple of new Switch games that depict the next generation of new series. The Pokemon sun and Moon The descendants will present a new region filled with fresh Pokémon, adventures and riches.

Is not the stream or the first trailer caught? Here is everything you need to know.

1) It's not another Let's Go!

Last year Pokemon: Let's Go It was fun, taking the stage Pokemon yellow long ago, mixed with elements Go to pokemon on smartphones, and the end result was created, a new part and a hybrid part.

While it's nice, Pokemon: Let's Go It was not a new entry in the series of extension, fans were waiting for some years ago … and was in charge of the start of the change. Pokemon sword and shield These are collectives, making it the latest version of the Nintendo 3DS incarnations to take advantage of Switching power.

2) Present the Galar region

On the island you can see farewell in the Alola region Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a long-running animated series not to mention a couple of years ago. Pokemon sword and shield He will go to the new Galar region.

Galar is much more industrialized and perhaps a steampunk-inspired locality, with large factories and cities, but broad areas, mountainous ice and quite a bit more. Based in the United Kingdom, a key is a huge hill image, which looks like a real United Kingdom of Dorset.

3) We know the beginners

Each one Pokemon Games come under the new Pokémon – usually 100 or approximately, with the 800 series of days – including the trio of fresh starters who choose among the initial games.

The stream did not show any new Pokémon, but it faced new beginners. Scorbunny Pokemon is a fire-bunny with a shoulder that is very powerful and leaves behind beautiful walks. Grookey is a Pokemon type of herb and it is very difficult for Pokémon, and Sobble is a Pokémon that conceals water inside.

Who did you get? (#TeamScorbunny!)

4) It has an excellent celiac style

As for the trailer, Pokemon sword and shield find the middle ground between Pokemon: Let's Go and Nintendo 3DS tickets. It's a white-shadow like hand-held games, it gives you a cartoonish aesthetic, but features more style and world design. Let's go, Not to mention more bags than 3DS versions.

Otherwise, however, we hope that the game will be closer to 3DS games Let's go. The Go to pokemon-The hybrid set is a fun one in the series, but fans are expected to refresh the fans in their classical vision, and the game Freak seems to be a future developer.

5) This year it is being released

Pokemon sword and Pokemon shield They will premiere this year and will premiere all over the world at the same time, but it will take some time: they are expected to be "at the end of 2019". This will allow us to release the long duration of release, which will add new Nintendo Pokemon to the list, the new region, and additional features.

On the other hand, you can spend a lot of time on the latest and recent updates, or even review your classics. Pokemon: Let's Go It's still quite new, and Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Nintendo 3DS / 2DS is over a year and it's really nice.

2DS can be particularly cheap these days, so if you do not have the latest Nintendo handheld agenda, nowadays it may be a timeline and loop among its best games. Sun and Moon and also Pokemon X. and Y.

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