Sunday , March 26 2023

Porsche GT3 RS sharp and sharp are right


Although the Porsche 911 is not slow, the hierarchy of the models has different charisma levels.

To achieve a flat distance crushing distance, GT2 RS 911 is its 515kW turbocharger. Although the Earth's rotation effect is strong enough.

But the GT3 RS is stronger, according to what is now available, that those who think that "practitioners" of athletes are more keenly aware they have more life than power (no, no).

Compared with steroid-filled GT2 RS, the GT3 RS aspirated will have 383 kW at the rear wheels, but it is really a bit more self-esteem. The sounds and rumors of sound make 911 drivers, for example, the most intense automotive experience for all senses and, especially, hearing aids.

His 4l flat-six revving at 9,000 rpm is a goosebump-inducing thing. As far as wise energy is concerned, turbo motors can not be as high as naturally aspirated, do not listen well, and GT3 uses the advantage of improving their charisma. Rediscovering the guns in the Guns are in the golden circle of Roses concerts, like a crayon and bright Axl Rose.

There is a more charming sound when the cage clones that run on the vehicle are driven on the car. Cage is part of the optional Clubsport package, including the battery connectivity variable, including a six-point race and fire extinguisher.

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