Thursday , September 16 2021

Pravin Gordhan defends claims against Malama

Minister of Public Affairs Pravin Gordhan, chief of the EFF, has placed charges against Julius Malema against the police and the Equality Court. File Image: Nhlanhla Phillips / African News Agency / ANA

Cape Town – Public business minister Pravin Gordhan punished criminal charges against injuries and defamation against judge Julius Malema in Hatfield, Pretoria on Monday morning at the Brooklyn Police station.

Gordhan also made similar contributions to Vice President Floyd Shivambu. The charges commented on the fact that the two leaders made protests outside the Zondon Commission when testing the American capture of Parktown.

Gordhan also stated that he had to file his case against two Equality Courts.

"The use of corruption and broken defense, personal attacks, racism and alleged hate speech is not acceptable and questionable.

"Until now I did not respond to absurd and absurd attacks, but these attacks spread my family and threatened the harmony of South African peoples. It's just enough," Gordhan said.

He reaffirmed his complaints about public accusations and public statements that questioned his "dignity and reputation".

Malema and Shivambu stated that they had given legal assertion that they have disregarded and prosecuted their crimes and privacy as well as their public officials and people.

"SAPS also has to ask the two public institutions to refuse to denounce violence, as Malemak said on November 20, 2018," … they will be dead. It can also be loss of life [sic]. If you're not ready for that stand … "

"In regards to the complaint of the Equality Court, Mr Gordhan, Mr. Malema and Mr. Shivambu, acknowledged public statements and reports in violation of Article 10 of Equality Act, which should be clear, to create serious harm and hatred. Hence, hate speech They make up, as the law provides, "Gordhan said.

Malema and Shivambu seek out unconditional apology.

"Additionally, R150,000 – 00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Rand) should be reported to the Court against Malema and Shivambu.

"In the event of a decision, the claimed claim will be given to a beneficiary entity that works for the unemployment of unemployed young people.

"Every South African is a time to take a strong stand against racism, lies and news, and help build a unified, non-racial and non-sexist Democratic South African, all of which continues to roam South Africa in the private sector and the state," Gordhan said.

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